Tales of A Newbie Entrepreneur: How I Learned To Accomplish More in Half the Time

Written by Leigh Butler

I know what you are thinking. Surely this is impossible. How could anyone learn to accomplish more in halfrepparttar time? This must be a hoax. Hmmm! But, it sure would be nice if I could do that. Well, you can!

If it worked for me, surely it will work for you.

Let me explain.

About a year ago I decided to start my own online business. This was a new experience for me. I knew absolutely nothing about running a business.

However, I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and believe that anyone can learn to do just about anything if they set their mind to do so. With that in mind, I began to research and collect information on starting and running an online business. Needless to say that I was attending graduate school fulltime and consulting atrepparttar 117935 time.

These three tasks proved to be more than I could handle. I won't go into great detail about how I became overwhelmed. But, I was spending an average of 16 hours per day reading and researching information onrepparttar 117936 Internet for my new online business and reading & writing for my graduate courses and consulting contracts.

After 2 months, I was atrepparttar 117937 point of desperation. Tired! Agitated! Frustrated! Stressed! My body felt totally depleted. Oh,repparttar 117938 pressure! Too much to do, too little time to do it.

Was I ready to give up on my dream of owning my own online business? No! Was I ready to give up on my dream of finishing graduate school? No! Could I relinquish my consulting contracts? No! I had to eat and pay my bills.

What could I do? Where could I turn? I knew I had to find a solution.

Well, time management and prioritizing was notrepparttar 117939 answer. I was successfully incorporating all ofrepparttar 117940 tips, techniques, and strategies that I learned overrepparttar 117941 years. And still I was spendingrepparttar 117942 majority of my day (about 12 hours) on what I would consider NECESSARY reading. Not to mentionrepparttar 117943 time that I had to spend recalling, synthesizing, and writing (about 4 hours).

Restoring The Personal Touch

Written by Kent E. Butler

There are now 126 Billion websites where you can buy anything from disposable diapers to nuclear weapons. More business is done onrepparttar Internet in one month than France has done inrepparttar 117934 last 10 years. You can email any human being on Planet Earth in less than 15 seconds.

Those are politician's facts - meaning I just made them up. My point is, we're living on a planet that gets more wired every day. Asrepparttar 117935 commercial says "We're changing everything". Maybe not. Some things never change, or maybe I should say they shouldn't change.

You can buy a pair of designer shoes onrepparttar 117936 web and have them delivered right to your door, or desk. Or, you can go to a shoe store and get personal attention fromrepparttar 117937 sales associate, getrepparttar 117938 shoes properly fitted, chat about one thing or another and leave with your purchase. Which isrepparttar 117939 more satisfying experience? Unless you're a serious Type-A personality, it's got to berepparttar 117940 latter - and maybe even then.

Why? You got personal service from someone who at least seemed to be interested in your wants and needs and took pains to satisfy you. Withrepparttar 117941 former situation, ifrepparttar 117942 shoes prove unacceptable you have to emailrepparttar 117943 vendor for a return authorization and ship them back - about as personal as a parking ticket. Atrepparttar 117944 store, you know before you leave how happy you're going to be and maybe how much your feet are going to hurt.

Am I a Luddite advocatingrepparttar 117945 abandonment ofrepparttar 117946 web as a commercial platform? Not hardly. I'm suggesting there are ways to combine technology with attention torepparttar 117947 individual. Here are some possibilities:

1. How inviting is your homepage? Is it friendly, easy to read and reassuring? Reassuring? Yep. You doubtless know there are many more people wary of buying onrepparttar 117948 web than there are those who do so fearlessly. So you need to put them at ease from first contact, just as you would greet and welcome people entering your store. Empathize with them regarding their concerns (riptoffphobia, I believe), act accordingly and you will improve your return.

My completely unscientific poll of web surfers confirmed my suspicions: People are put off, even threatened, by an abundance of whirling doodads, flashing thingamajigs, and critters popping in and out all over a site. You won't have a chance to provide personal service if they won't stay a while. You have to setrepparttar 117949 scene inrepparttar 117950 first ten seconds. How about a text-only welcome message that pops up whilerepparttar 117951 site loads?

2. Examinerepparttar 117952 text on your website throughrepparttar 117953 eyes of a prospective customer. Bear in mindrepparttar 117954 prospect couldn't care less what you want to sell, only what will satisfy his/her needs and wants. Pages of variations on "BUY NOW!" will seldom be read, much less acted upon. The questionsrepparttar 117955 prospect is usually asking are, "What's in it for me; what will it do for me?" and "How much is it?". Do you have some rewriting to do?

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