Tales Of The Bizarro World

Written by The Indy Voice

It seems to me that at a time like thisrepparttar CBS news non-story is extremely problematic not to CBS but to allrepparttar 125899 other news organizations who have been repeatedly failing to do their jobs. Just in case you haven't heard or don't know about what has happened at CBS let me explain. A politically motivated gentlemen handed CBS producers a couple of forged documents to REINFORCE a case that they already had, heaping atoprepparttar 125900 evidence that showed that our President is indeed an irresponsible coward who went AWOL fromrepparttar 125901 National Guard. The documents were forged,repparttar 125902 rest ofrepparttar 125903 story was true.

Did "concerned" citizens seize uponrepparttar 125904 veracity ofrepparttar 125905 rest ofrepparttar 125906 story? No. The story became about forged documents and not aboutrepparttar 125907 hypocrisy of a, pardonrepparttar 125908 french, pussy President, who's political operatives were going around calling a decorated Vietnam war vet, a traitor. Only in "bizarro world".

What's ironic about this whole thing is that it has been recently reported by USA Today that a conservative pundit byrepparttar 125909 name of Armstrong Williams has accepted $240,000 fromrepparttar 125910 Bush administration's Department of Education to "promote" No Child Left Behind. The irony is thatrepparttar 125911 Bush administration acknowledges this taxpayer funded "covert propaganda" with a shrug and a statement:

"permissible use of taxpayer funds under legal government contracting procedures."

The Animal Rights Summit

Written by David Leonhardt

The Animal Rights Summit By David Leonhardt

Is it just me, or is society becoming increasingly polarized? It seems like for every action there is an equaller and oppositer reaction. For and against war. For or againstrepparttar environment. For or againstrepparttar 125898 family.

Considerrepparttar 125899 role animals play in society. No, I am not referring to politicians, TV producers or Janet Jackson. I mean animals like rabbits and mice and bears.

Some people will even lay down their lives for animals, protesting againstrepparttar 125900 use of animals in laboratory experiments. They stridently opposerepparttar 125901 testing of chemicals and makeup on innocent rabbits and mice. I suspect they would secretly ratherrepparttar 125902 chemicals and cosmetics be tested on certain humans instead.

Meanwhile, another large contingent of society has no interest in testing makeup on animals, because they would much rather shoot them. I meanrepparttar 125903 animals, notrepparttar 125904 animal rights protestors. On second thought, they might want to shootrepparttar 125905 protestors, too.

I thought about this great divide when I looked atrepparttar 125906 label of a new "powerful" anti-dandruff shampoo we just bought an oil-based shampoo that works by letting it sink intorepparttar 125907 hair for at least three minutes. The instruction manual, in 13 languages, features an impressive array of alerts with threatening symbols, even warning me not to letrepparttar 125908 shampoo get into my eyes.

I stopped. I blinked (for effect). Here is a chemical I am supposed to pour all over my head and let soak in for at least three minutes. A chemical that will run down my face and across my eyes. A chemical that will surely make my eyes blind...or worse.

Then I read a tiny inscription atrepparttar 125909 bottom: "Not tested on animals". Thank goodness, I thought. I wouldn't want them to go blind!

I decided to try to bridgerepparttar 125910 gulf betweenrepparttar 125911 animal rights movement andrepparttar 125912 sport-hunter movement by convening a world summit.

I chose to invite a few animals, including Big Bear, a veteran of several hunting seasons. I also invitedrepparttar 125913 Three Blind Mice, expert shampoo testers, I am told.

Onrepparttar 125914 other side ofrepparttar 125915 table, I invited Robin Gunn and his merry band of hunters.

"It's not right," began Big Bear. "that we animals should berepparttar 125916 object of human torture. We have rights, too." Robin Gunn snorted. His band of merry hunters snorted, too.

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