Taking time out!

Written by Lisa van den Berg

Recently all I've heard around me, isrepparttar importance of Balance!

I must admit that I am a 'driven' person. I drive myself to succeed and have to force myself to take a break.

I have, however, learntrepparttar 101983 importance of adding balance to one's life.

The toll that is taken on not only your physical but emotional and spiritual well-being, is not good. It isrepparttar 101984 one thing that 'forced' me to re-consider. The fact that my business was suffering because I wasn't holding it together, wasrepparttar 101985 catalyst for change.

I took a class in Primordial Sound Meditation and learnt to consciously relax for 20 minutes twice a day. I took time to read books and rediscoveredrepparttar 101986 absolute wealth of information a book holds. I took weekends off and just chilled, took time to walk every morning and marvel atrepparttar 101987 wonders of Nature and learnt to 'belly-laugh' again.

Being with Nature has always been a wonderful way to fix your woes. Taking a walk inrepparttar 101988 fresh morning air, or just asrepparttar 101989 sun is getting ready to go to sleep. Wondering atrepparttar 101990 beauty of a newly spun spiders web, closing your eyes and listening torepparttar 101991 chorus of birdsong asrepparttar 101992 community prepares for another day. Watchingrepparttar 101993 clouds as they scamper acrossrepparttar 101994 sky. The multitude of shapes they form andrepparttar 101995 array of beautiful colors portrayed as repparttar 101996 sun sets behind them.

I have never much fancied fishing, butrepparttar 101997 other day I heard a description of a fisherman's desires and he said it was just wonderful to sit quietly in Nature, for a couple of hours and come back refreshed and renewed. (I think I may take up fishing now)

Dealing with Mr.Charisma

Written by Peter Murphy

Do you ever find yourself in situations where you feel overwhelmed byrepparttar person who is speaking to you. It is as if their charisma and enthusiasm takes over and you just cannot seem to think for yourself. For a moment you are lost in a blur of their words.

The worst part isrepparttar 101982 fact that you cannot seem to regain composure or even assert your own opinion. What isrepparttar 101983 solution?

How to assert yourself inrepparttar 101984 face of a wave of charisma:

1 Break Rapport

What? Yes, break rapport but do so gently by adjusting your posture and by changing your rate of breathing. Mr.Charisma has you locked into deep rapport with his every word and every movement.

Until you regain your own pace, your own natural breathing rhythm and your own posture you will be subject to his lead.

Notice how you feel in your body, put some of your attention back onto yourself. Only then will you be able to think for yourself and to form your own opinions.

2 Filter The Words

Once you have regained a sense of how you feel and think inrepparttar 101985 present moment it is time to filterrepparttar 101986 words that Mr.Charisma speaks so eloquently. A filter will help you to maintain this sense of self andrepparttar 101987 ability to think for yourself.

A visual filter is easiest for some people. Imagine a wall inrepparttar 101988 air between you and him, a wall that filtersrepparttar 101989 words so that you only hearrepparttar 101990 words without feeling drawn into his world.

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