Taking the Bull by the Horns

Written by Lisa van den Berg

How successful people beat fear.

The first thing to realize is that Fear is all inrepparttar mind. We are a product of our perception of reality. Why is it that some people faint atrepparttar 123954 sight of a cockroach and others consider it a delicacy and eat it?

How is it that we see people being cured of their phobias in a matter of hours? I mean it took an entire lifetime to build that fear and people can be rid of it in an hour or two?

Considerrepparttar 123955 circumstances of fear. Why is it that a person will do something, in a moment of instinctively protecting a loved one that they would never even contemplate inrepparttar 123956 cold light of day?

The reason for all of these 'miracles' is thatrepparttar 123957 automatic pattern of our fear is overridden either by a stronger instinct or by conscious reasoning. Therefore we see that we CAN overcome our fears!

It is a matter of breaking downrepparttar 123958 different components of your fear, into bite size chunks (excuserepparttar 123959 pun).

-Feelrepparttar 123960 emotional response to your fear. In other words, feel your heart pounding, your stomach churning, your hair standing on end and concentrate onrepparttar 123961 physical feeling. It is said thatrepparttar 123962 body cannot experiencerepparttar 123963 emotional feelings of fear while concentrating onrepparttar 123964 physical effects.

-Concentrate on reversingrepparttar 123965 physical events. Calm your heartbeat, watch your hairs lie back down and relax your screwed up stomach.

-Imagine howrepparttar 123966 being that is instillingrepparttar 123967 fright, is feeling (if applicable) and why they are reacting this way. The youth may be starving and just want something to eat;repparttar 123968 snake may be completely out of its environment and lost and scared;repparttar 123969 cat may be protecting its young.

Spring is Sprung

Written by Wendy Hearn

Spring is here! It's traditionally a time for spring cleaning, getting rid ofrepparttar old and making way forrepparttar 123953 new. "What's that got to do with my business?" you may be wondering? Well, actually rather a lot. Now is a great time for you to spring clean your life and your business. A time for cleaning out and reviewing parts of your life and business you're ready to commit to improving.

It's an opportunity to examine your goals and clear outrepparttar 123954 ones you don't want any longer. This may involve spring cleaning your desk and getting rid of piles of clutter. When we're surrounded by clutter, our mind gets bogged down which prevents us from thinking clearly and being focused. Perhaps it's time to dust awayrepparttar 123955 cobwebs on your sales and marketing plans, and throw awayrepparttar 123956 rubbish, i.e.repparttar 123957 stuff that no longer forms a useful part of your plans. It may involve spring cleaning your personal life by polishing up relationships, clearing out old habits and attitudes which no longer benefit you. Or stripping back your finances to get them in good shape forrepparttar 123958 future. Why not take a vacuum to your health and exercise plans and clean outrepparttar 123959 bits you don't want?

This clear-out can involve taking huge steps or even very small ones. Even these small things which need dealing with drain our energy and it's surprising how much this happens. If left undone,repparttar 123960 little tasks, likerepparttar 123961 filing cabinet drawer which jams,repparttar 123962 unmade bed,repparttar 123963 pile of papers on your desk, all niggle away at you and sap your energy. When these are sorted out, there is more time for other things in your life and business. Cleaning out leaves space and this space is then available for new opportunities. Opportunity for more energy, more business, more sales and more ofrepparttar 123964 things you want for yourself. Now I'm not suggesting that making your bed each day will increase your business ten fold. However,repparttar 123965 fact that it's not niggling away atrepparttar 123966 back of your mind and your attitude is now one of completing tasks, you'll more naturally finish things in your business. You'll be more able to follow through and complete, even if it's just concentrating on makingrepparttar 123967 telephone calls your business requires.

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