Taking care of your websites

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

What arerepparttar goals in making your own website? To be able to give information, share ideas and make money inrepparttar 151003 process. That is putting it mildly. How do people do it and what makes them successful? It is how they go about treating their site that makes them a success. The right and effective process that you have done and of course,repparttar 151004 responses that people give torepparttar 151005 site.

According to experts,repparttar 151006 biggest mistake a website owner makes in this business is not being able to edit and upgrade his own website. That task is always being put intorepparttar 151007 hands ofrepparttar 151008 webmaster. Inrepparttar 151009 process,repparttar 151010 “webpreneur” is left out inrepparttar 151011 dark and is not able to keep track of what is happening to his own site. It should be important that sites should reflect in themrepparttar 151012 presence of its owners to add some credibility and even more personal touches in them. This makes people relate easily and not be atrepparttar 151013 mercy of technical people using technical ideas onrepparttar 151014 readers. Not having to edit it yourself would also mean not having your own unique online home as other sites would definitely be edited byrepparttar 151015 same webmasters usingrepparttar 151016 same concepts. For sure, readers would have noticedrepparttar 151017 likeness and will probably search for something more “different”. Remember that you have to differentiate your site from what is already in others to be able to be successful.

Your Website Could be Letting You Down.

Written by John Sheridan

Your Website Could be Letting You Down!

A professionally presented business website is a powerful and essential marketing tool: it'srepparttar first thing prospective customers will look at before they decide to contact you.

Ifrepparttar 150718 copy on your website is not written to an acceptable standard, it may be losing you customers. It’s not enough just to have amazing graphics and imagery: you needrepparttar 150719 words to make it complete. Isrepparttar 150720 spelling correct? Are punctuation marks in place? Doesrepparttar 150721 copy make sense? These are questions that website designers should be asking themselves before they upload a new site.

One ofrepparttar 150722 biggest flaws with website copy is inconsistency: for examplerepparttar 150723 word ‘website’. Some sites spell it as one word, some as two words; as far as I am aware both are acceptable, but not both versions onrepparttar 150724 same site! In my opinion, a lack of consistency will deter a significant amount of would-be customers from usingrepparttar 150725 services of a company that has not takenrepparttar 150726 trouble to proofread their website.

Poor spelling on a website is another costly but avoidable mistake. The majority of visitors will leaverepparttar 150727 site very quickly if they find too many spelling errors. This again will give themrepparttar 150728 impression thatrepparttar 150729 site owners don’t really care; and they would be right! I am also convinced that copy that has been ‘padded out’ with insignificant trivia is also a big turn-off for visitors – clear, concise and informative isrepparttar 150730 order ofrepparttar 150731 day.

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