Taking The Guesswork Out of Weight Loss

Written by Dr. David Nganele

Nine out of every 10 individuals who lose weight gain it back. Given this fact, it would seem that engaging in a weight loss program is a gamble in whichrepparttar odds of winning are very slim to none. Before you become frustrated and give up, you should realize that one out of those very ten people did succeed. What that means is that it can be done. The trick is knowing how they did it.

Years ago I embarked on a journey to study how individuals who succeeded in losing weight forrepparttar 108448 long term did it. I then researchedrepparttar 108449 science behind howrepparttar 108450 body regulated weight. I came to understand that most weight loss programs fail becauserepparttar 108451 programs are designed to disruptrepparttar 108452 body’s natural mechanisms. It is this disruption that createsrepparttar 108453 battle whererepparttar 108454 individual eventually gives up.

To lose weight safely and permanently, you have to understand a concept in body functioning called homeostasis. In simple words, homeostasis means balance. The body always tries to maintain a constant environment. Your weight, just like your blood pressure or body temperature, is kept at a constant level. This level is called your set point. If you changed your external environment, your body will adjust to keeprepparttar 108455 internal environment stable. That is why a person in Alaska inrepparttar 108456 middle ofrepparttar 108457 winter hasrepparttar 108458 same body temperature as when they go to Arizona inrepparttar 108459 middle ofrepparttar 108460 summer.

How then can you change your weight? First by understanding that there are certain food elements that your body needs, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins and water. If you deprive your body of any of these, it will start fighting you. Second, that your weight is kept in balance mostly byrepparttar 108461 effects of two opposing hormones, glucagon, that causes fat breakdown and insulin that causes fat buildup. You lose weight safely and permanently by giving your body allrepparttar 108462 essential food nutrients (not by dieting) and by shiftingrepparttar 108463 balance in favor of glucagon over insulin. You achieve this by adjustingrepparttar 108464 foods that affectrepparttar 108465 production of these hormones. This eliminates cravings and constant hunger.

10 Simple Rules to Make You Serious Money in the Sharemarket and Keep it!

Written by Joseph Sgro

Don't Fall in Love with You're Stocks(Collect a Free EBOOK - see website)

It appears that I have a dislike for admitting that I could ever get it wrong and this explains why I sometimes can't take a loss. Onrepparttar other side ofrepparttar 108447 equation: if I was wrong and XYZ was not going to make me a fortune - then what could I do?

Okay I spotted one of my stocks inrepparttar 108448 "Shares" magazine - I confess! I was just reading about allrepparttar 108449 up-and-coming stars and there was this little snippet asking a question like: "Could this be a new Microsoft?". Now they may not have said that exactly, but it was enough to make me think XYZ was a good news story as its price will testify - atrepparttar 108450 time(inrepparttar 108451 70's ). I mean it was there - it had to have some merit!

It was a miner and had a technology company in its portfolio and a percentage of another tech company and was doing very little inrepparttar 108452 resources area because there was more hype in tech shares atrepparttar 108453 time. It was a time when many miners were turning into tech companies. Can you visualizerepparttar 108454 miners making their way torepparttar 108455 goldfields?

Well I was right into that - so I bought heaps andrepparttar 108456 crazy part was that I was not going to sell something that had such a great future. Nearly $60 000 went into this company and I've still got it. Not because I am still in love, but because it's nearly worthless. It will be a reminder to me never to do that again!

How much is this RULE really worth to me? That's simple - without counting any other stock in my tech-wrecked portfolio, this RULE is worth $59 494.45 saved.

If I just add one more, an online retailer, which cost me $69 928.20, my total saving would be $129 422.65. So if someone had given merepparttar 108457 above rule to live by, I could have sold out early and kept most of $129 000.

The unloved byrepparttar 108458 market, which included many of my startups have plummeted sincerepparttar 108459 tech boom - some went up like shooting starts, only to be blasted to pieces and fall back to Earth. You won't get directors coming out to say thatrepparttar 108460 market has put an outrageous price on this company or that one, and that really, there is no substance to back uprepparttar 108461 price. However someone will notice thatrepparttar 108462 king is really naked and when they do there is no mercy fromrepparttar 108463 crowd.

I have heard say, "The market is always right", and maybe it's not a bad one to remember. Those that didn't participate inrepparttar 108464 tech boom will have lost considerable money and those that fell in love withrepparttar 108465 naked royalty will have lost their shirts.

Does it hurt? You bet it does! It hurts every day, but it will get better one day - I hope! It was a great experience, even though it was a painful one. Now it is you,repparttar 108466 reader, who stands to benefit from my mistakes; which increasesrepparttar 108467 value of such insights and will make this book probablyrepparttar 108468 most treasured book aboutrepparttar 108469 market's affect on individuals' psychology and an awesome reminder ofrepparttar 108470 pitfalls of sharemarket speculation.

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