Taking Stock!

Written by Harry Robinson

Taking Stock....

For many years I have used (an american system)

The Broad Concept!

1...Where are you Now?

2...Where would you like to be at some given time inrepparttar Future?

3...What arerepparttar 149470 options available to you?

4...What isrepparttar 149471 best option for you right Now?

Simplistic, at first glance, however when expanded this can lead to a whole new life plan and can also be used for any individual aspect of your current circumstances.

e.g Are you out of work?

1. Detail on paper your current coircumstances. ( Writing it down focusesrepparttar 149472 mind!) Write down everything, financial, personal achievements to date, people you know, previous work undertaken and your views on that work,etc. Until you know where you are starting from how can you decide where you want to Go!

2. This can be seen as a general Goals section ..but slimmed down to 'getting back into work' could also be streamlined to items such as...what work would I really like to do. What extra qualification will I need. What is a reasonable timescale for gaining such qualifications. What Income level am I looking for. Remember this section can be split into Long, Medium and Short term goals. ( Write it down!)

How to Become an Interior Designer

Written by Liz Smith

What exactly is involved in becoming an interior designer? Itís probably much more involved than you might think. The following steps will walk you through what it takes to pursue a career in interior designing.

What Interior Designers Do

Interior designers plan and design spaces and furnish interiors in residential, commercial and public settings. The work can vary from simple projects that involve re-arranging furniture and applying a fresh coat of paint, allrepparttar way up through full-scale redesigns that require advanced knowledge of structural documents and close work with architects and contractors.


You can earn a certificate, diploma, associate or bachelorís degree in interior design. Many schools throughoutrepparttar 149370 United States offer interior design programs. Coursework varies at each school, but will likely include courses like computer-aided design, color theory, textiles and more.

See Through a Designerís Eyes

If you want to be an interior designer, you need to get used to looking at thingsrepparttar 149371 way designers do. Become aware ofrepparttar 149372 trends that are popular inrepparttar 149373 industry, get a feel for whatís out there and whatís in style. Do this by looking through design magazines, attending home shows and even open houses in upscale neighborhoods. Read literature available onrepparttar 149374 styles of design that interest you most, and begin to analyze spaces that you like by breaking them down into their constituent elements - what principles of design are being employed byrepparttar 149375 designer that you find appealing?

Begin With Small Steps

To get practice, try making some changes around your own home or living space. Volunteer to help friends and family members updaterepparttar 149376 interior decorating in their homes. As you work, you will learn that just as important as using your expertise to design a space is makingrepparttar 149377 client happy. You need to consult with them to make sure they agree withrepparttar 149378 changes you make. Working first with friends and family will help you gain confidence and communication skills.

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