Taking Great Birthday Party Pictures

Written by Mike Dougherty "Grandpa Mike"

Say "Happy Birthday"

Capturerepparttar precious moments of your kid birthday party for all time by taking great pictures with your still camera, digital camera and your video camera.

Your child gets ready to blow outrepparttar 145205 candles on their birthday cake (the cake you spent so much time making), you pick up your camera to capture this very important moment in your child's life and...

You're out of film, you've run out of Smart Media cards for your digital camera or you're out of tape for your video camera, or you're out of batteries! Sound familiar?

While everyone waits,repparttar 145206 candles on your wonderful kid birthday cake are now melting away, and your child and all their guests are getting impatient.

Film cameras, digital cameras and video cameras are now fairly common in more and more homes.

But most ofrepparttar 145207 time, our cameras sit forgotten on a shelf in a dusty closet... Then, atrepparttar 145208 last minute we say "now where did I putrepparttar 145209 camera?"

So do yourself, your family and your child a big favor...

Several days before your kid birthday party, find your camera or cameras and get them ready to capture allrepparttar 145210 very special moments of your child's birthday party.

Pick up plenty of batteries (make sure they'rerepparttar 145211 right ones)

Charge up your video camera batteries

Pick up plenty of film

Pick up Smart Media cards for your digital camera

Pick up plenty of blank videotape

Make sure your cameras are working

You absolutely don't want to leave these preparations untilrepparttar 145212 last minute...

If you do, it's very likely you'll run out of time and won't be able to stop for batteries or film or videotape.

How To Take Great Pictures Of Your Child Birthday Party

*A Tip From Grandpa Mike

Suicide Survivor

Written by T.L. McMullen

My father’s senseless death in 2001 left my life in shambles. Findingrepparttar strength and dignity to go on for myself and my children proved to berepparttar 145169 most difficult feat ever.

Suicide is a nightmare for survivors of loved ones. Death in itself is hard to cope with but when someone you love intentionally takes their life, this pain is somehow multiplied many times over. Your mind races with unanswered questions and your heart pounds in shock – then it hits you. They are GONE, taken from this earth by their own actions, and there is nothing you can do to get them back.

Most people struggle withrepparttar 145170 ultimate unanswered question – WHY?

Why would they do this? Why didn’t I help? Why didn’t I see it coming? Why was I not there for this person? Why didn’t I call more, visit more, and pay more attention? Although there can be a multitude of factors that made this person’s life difficult, nobody truly knows what drives a person to take their own life. For many survivors this ‘why’ question will haunt them forever.

After allrepparttar 145171 whys and flooding tears comes reality. The emotional rollercoaster of reality;repparttar 145172 time you realize it’s too late for prevention, too soon for comfort, but yet somehow you need to cope with what has happened. So many thoughts, emotions, memories, solutions, all of which bring no comfort torepparttar 145173 persisting finality forced upon you.

There is some truth torepparttar 145174 saying that ‘Time Heals All Wounds’ as somehow inrepparttar 145175 aftermath of death and tragedy,repparttar 145176 sharpness ofrepparttar 145177 pain wears itself down. Grief and sorrow withstanding;repparttar 145178 aching dulls withrepparttar 145179 passage of time. Although counseling is an effective healing method for some, it does not work for everyone. Each person needs to somehow find a place for this emptiness somewhere withinrepparttar 145180 layers of their life. Findingrepparttar 145181 psycho-philosophical layer that allows you to accept this affliction and move forward isrepparttar 145182 most challenging ofrepparttar 145183 surviving factors.

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