Taking Control; Safeguarding the Distribution of Your Assets by Making A Will

Written by Miss Janine Byrne

The Importance of Making a Will

A valid will is one ofrepparttar most important documents you could ever put your signature to, asrepparttar 105604 consequences of failing to make a will before you die can have far-reaching effects onrepparttar 105605 people you care about most.

Despiterepparttar 105606 importance of this legal document, it is stillrepparttar 105607 case that only 3 out of every 10 people make a will mainly due to lack of awareness as to why a Will is needed.

The 3 most important reasons why a Will should be made are;

1.Simplifying Administration Process 2.Intestacy & Distribution of Assets 3.Inheritance Tax

1. Simplifyingrepparttar 105608 Administration Process

Before a deceased person’s estate can be distributed to various individuals a grant of representation needs to be obtained fromrepparttar 105609 Probate office. All assets which compriserepparttar 105610 estate –including money in bank accounts - are frozen until this grant is confirmed. Where no will has been maderepparttar 105611 process of applying forrepparttar 105612 grant is drawn out, causing aggravated upset and anxiety for relatives and possibly acrimonious disputes and legal costs over who should deal withrepparttar 105613 estate.

A valid Will resolves these problems as persons will already have been appointed byrepparttar 105614 Will – executors – to deal withrepparttar 105615 estate and can obtainrepparttar 105616 grant and beginrepparttar 105617 distribution ofrepparttar 105618 assets in a minimal period of time thus saving costs, time and unnecessary distress.

2. Intestacy & Distribution of Assets

Making a Will isrepparttar 105619 only way to ensure thatrepparttar 105620 people you wish to inherit from your estate actually do so. Failing to make a Will will result inrepparttar 105621 law of Intestacy being applied, andrepparttar 105622 intestacy rules will dictate who will receive what, and often this will not accord with what you would have wanted. For example;

a) If you are single you may want to distribute your assets amongst selected friends and family. The rules of intestacy will not take into account any relationships based on friendship, and will distribute amongst relatives only, everything passing torepparttar 105623 State if no relatives can be found.

b) If you are living as cohabitees (unmarried couple) you may want your partner to derive some benefit from your estate, perhaps to remain inrepparttar 105624 family home for example. The rules of intestacy would not take your partner into account; as far asrepparttar 105625 law is concerned, you would be treated as a single person and your partner would receive nothing.

How to File a claim for Celebrex injury

Written by Jefferson Highway, General Counsel

There is mounting evidence to suggest that Celebrex (aka celecoxib) is linked to an increased risk of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes. Celebrex is one ofrepparttar newer anti arthritic drugs called COX-2 inhibitors that were launched inrepparttar 105603 1990s, and is marketed by Pharmacia Corporation and Pfizer Inc. The drug is prescribed for osteoarthritis, adult rheumatoid arthritis, and menstrual cramps. The FDA is currently taking independent advice on whether these COX-2 inhibitors, and Celebrex in particular, are safe to remain on sale. Current studies "strongly suggest"repparttar 105604 COX-2 inhibitors increaserepparttar 105605 risk of cardiovascular problems, says Dr. Ned Braunstein, senior director of Merck Research Laboratories. A related study fromrepparttar 105606 Cleveland Clinic, published inrepparttar 105607 Journal ofrepparttar 105608 American Medical Association suggested thatrepparttar 105609 risk of cardiovascular problems (including but not limited to heart attacks, chest pains, stroke, death and blood clots), was over twice as high inrepparttar 105610 rofecoxib sample than inrepparttar 105611 control group - a significant find given thatrepparttar 105612 analysis was based on more than 8,000 patients. In yet another study of over 42,000 participants, 0.52% of patients taking a placebo pill had a heart attack each year compared to 0.74% for patients taking rofecoxib and 0.80% for those taking celecoxib. It's big business too -repparttar 105613 drug will do over $6 billion this year alone.

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