Taking Charge Of Your Files

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

One ofrepparttar first steps is to box up last years files. However, before you do that be sure to go through your files and clean them out. The files that can take up a lot of space duringrepparttar 117694 year, can be easily tossed. For example, your correspondence file, newsletter files, chron files. You can also combine your completed client files forrepparttar 117695 year, both seller and tenant buyers.

After you have gone throughrepparttar 117696 paper file cabinet, be sure to dorepparttar 117697 same with your computer files. Years ago when computer memory was at a premium, people did not keep allrepparttar 117698 extraneous garbage on their computers, like people do today. Just like your paper files, moverepparttar 117699 files to disks or your zip drive if you need to, or just delete them. You don't need every letter you sent, every e-mail, or allrepparttar 117700 newsletters you've been meaning to read. Also go through your favorites and clean them out.

Treat your computer like memory was at a premium and you won't hold on to items you will never use. Unfortunately today everything is in gigabytes rather than megabytes.

After you have cleaned outrepparttar 117701 paper files and computer files, next step is to make up your files for this year.

Avery Label Pro is excellent for doing up file labels. In fact all types of labels. It allows you to run another set of general files out very quickly. Remember time management and organization are keys to not wasting your time. I'm sure that many of you are thinking boxing up and making up of files is a waste of time. However, when a client calls and you can't find something they want to know, it will become of paramount importance. So, keep your files organized, both paper and computer.

Once you have your files set forrepparttar 117702 new year,repparttar 117703 next thing is to clean outrepparttar 117704 calendar or day planner you use. Changerepparttar 117705 pages. Tip, you can run day planner pages out of Outlook and then whole punch. A lot cheaper than buyingrepparttar 117706 pages. This is also a great option for those of you without a day planner. Buy a small binder and make your own. Again, a lot less expensive option. Once your calendar is set up, be sure to pencil in your daily, weekly, and monthly goals, in addition to any standing appointments you have forrepparttar 117707 year. Last but not least, rubber bandrepparttar 117708 pages from last year together and add it to your file box. For those of you using chron files be sure to place those in a separate file box, so you can very quickly put your hands on any of last year's correspondence.

Marketing Tips 1

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

This month we will deal withrepparttar issue, Where Can I Get Clients From? The following tips have come from a wide variety of sources; some from other successful businesses we know, some from our Home-Based and Small Business Support Group meetings and some we've developed by trial and error.

Some ofrepparttar 117693 ways to get clients are: contact previous employers; mailing lists; cold call your target market; attend group meetings and seminars for your target market (conventions for doctors, lawyers; computer seminars); attend local Chamber of Commerce meetings; join groups related to your target market; if your target market uses a specific system, for example accountants userepparttar 117694 SafeGuard system, contact them and tell them that you are available to teach

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