Taking Care of Yourself

Written by Lael Johnson

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The essence of self-care, is to take daily care of yourself in a regular and consistent manner. It's about doingrepparttar stuff that our parents or guardians did their best to teach us when we were much younger. Good self-care allows you to put yourself atrepparttar 145732 top of your day, makes your more ready to face your day, your plans and life's unexpected moments.

SHOWER YOURSELF: Don't take everything so seriously. Give yourself appropriate gifts. Get a massage or plan a day atrepparttar 145733 spa. Hug yourself. Exercise. Take a nap. Go torepparttar 145734 beach and watchrepparttar 145735 water. Build a sandcastle or two. Act like a child. Play like a child. Think like a child. Wear your head high.

SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR PAST SELF: If you have a regular spiritual discipline and friends who followrepparttar 145736 same path, then celebrate and practice it. Celebraterepparttar 145737 new person you are becoming as you continue to make positive changes today. Stay in touch with your discipline and your group, let them hold you up as you continue to walk throughrepparttar 145738 difficult days out intorepparttar 145739 sunshine again. Practicing your spiiritual discipline regularly will energize you and place your self-care plans in perspective.

7 Journaling Tips

Written by Doreene Clement

7 Journaling Tips By Doreene Clement

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Set your journal, diary or diaries, where you will see it everyday, i.e., on your nightstand, at your desk, where you have coffee. This will help to remind you to journal. Part of keeping a journal, is skipping a day, a week, and even months.

Writing a word, sentences, or paragraphs, journaling whatever you have to say that day is justrepparttar right amount to write.

Journal whatever is important for you to write about right then and there. I've journaled about a fabulous soup I ate, my concerns about a friendship, my dreams forrepparttar 145622 future.

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