Take advantage of the new Google Sitemaps program

Written by Matt Lee

Google recently launched a new program called Google Sitemaps (https://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps). This program (free, currently still in Beta) is designed to help website owners to get their website pages get crawled by google.

If you want to take advantage of Google Sitemaps, you need to place a Sitemap-formatted file on your webserver. By doing so you enable Google's crawlers to find out what pages are present and which have recently changed, and to crawl your site accordingly. Google Sitemaps can help to get more of your web pages crawled and can also enable you to tell Google when contents on your site changes.

This sounds pretty good. However,repparttar problem I see is that in order to get started, you have to install some scripts on your sever. Webmasters "should have knowledge

DIY SEO prt 2 Tags n' things

Written by mark white


Part 2 Tips 4 tags

Meta tags arerepparttar descriptive tags used by website designers to explain torepparttar 141032 search engines exactly what your website is all about. They look like this,

Put title of your page here, include important keywords

These tags should be placed insiderepparttar 141033 and of your page. You don’t really need to worry to much about what each one means, just be sure to include lots of keyword rich phrases inrepparttar 141034 “ description” tag and allrepparttar 141035 carefully chosen keywords inrepparttar 141036 “keywords” tag. The rest is self-explanatory. Although not all search engines bother with these tags it is important that you include them forrepparttar 141037 engines that do use them.

You can always get them done free online at http://www.submitcorner.com/Tools/Meta/

The title tag isrepparttar 141038 important one, it’s your shop window if you like. Targetrepparttar 141039 right keywords or phrase as I showed you in part one, (you can still view it here http://.small-website-advice.com/wordpress) and be sure to include it in your title tag for maximum effect. If every page has a different description inrepparttar 141040 title tag atrepparttar 141041 top ofrepparttar 141042 page you can expandrepparttar 141043 number of searches you can compete for

More tips with tags

Another title tag isrepparttar 141044 tag you can use after a url such as this

result" target="_blank">The title tag

here isrepparttar 141046 result

If you hover overrepparttar 141047 resulting link you will see “here isrepparttar 141048 result”, if this phrase were in your keywords list then this would also count withrepparttar 141049 search engines. Makerepparttar 141050 page loads up in a new window by usingrepparttar 141051 “target=”_blank” command, that way your visitor stays with you.

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