Take a look around; do you think things are balanced in our world?

Written by Jesse S. Somer

Balance, now here is a topic that has been hounding me sincerepparttar day I was born. An understanding of balance seems to be a very important idea when it comes to living a happy, 'balanced' life here on Earth. It has come to my attention thatrepparttar 132216 Universe and everything within it is governed byrepparttar 132217 principle of evenness between positive and negative energies. Both inrepparttar 132218 realms of spirituality and science there have been many people overrepparttar 132219 years who have been discussingrepparttar 132220 concept that all things in Nature have a natural inclination to find a balanced state of being.

After any chemical reaction between atoms, (which of course all matter that exists is mad up of),repparttar 132221 protons and electrons move into a position where their energies are of equal value. As far as I know all religions and belief systems held by human beings state that to find enlightenment or peace one has to experience allrepparttar 132222 necessary feelings and emotions integral to living a full life. This means that one has to experience both suffering and joy to truly gain knowledge about what it means to be alive. If you run from your feelings, you are not walkingrepparttar 132223 'middle path' and therefore you're destined to have an imbalance in terms of gaining wisdom and happiness.

Let's look at a few occurrences that happen regularly inrepparttar 132224 life of our Universe. How aboutrepparttar 132225 process of a star exploding out in space? One might believe that this happening is a negative one, especially if it is our Sun that we are talking about, as this will meanrepparttar 132226 end of life on our world. But what happens when a star explodes? It has been understood that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only move from one place to another. Therefore, once our Sun explodes, hopefully many billion years from now,repparttar 132227 energy will travel out into space only to conglomerate and converge once again to form new stars and subsequent life. Even ifrepparttar 132228 energy of our Sun just dissipates back intorepparttar 132229 general energy of space we can perceive this as a balanced equation inrepparttar 132230 respect that it is that exact space that our Sun evolved from inrepparttar 132231 first place.

What about a romantic relationship? For a friendship to work properly between two partiesrepparttar 132232 amount of energy or effort in terms of love and attention must be equal. If it is otherwise, one person will undoubtedly feel as though they are being neglected, or that they are giving too much and so feel depleted. How about a business deal? Either companies or people have to come away fromrepparttar 132233 trade feeling that they have gained at leastrepparttar 132234 equal amount of value as they have given away.

A Tale of Two Lives

Written by Terry Dashner

“A Tale of Only Two Lives”

It will take more thenrepparttar hanging ofrepparttar 132214 Ten Commandments in schools to acquire these virtues. As a matter of fact and please indulge me as I make this statement—radical as it is-- no politician whether Democrat or Republican can instill these values in America by mere legislation. The values I’m referring to are illustrated inrepparttar 132215 tale of two living stories. The virtues of these two men did not originate with government nor legislation nor did they nurture them. They came by another source.

Whether it's a traditional two parent home or a home with a lone surrogate parent, children will never grow to acquire these virtues if visible, caring, supportive, faith inspiring, and loving adults do not model them beforerepparttar 132216 children. Adults—please hear me—what you are speaks so loudly that your youngsters can’t hear what you are saying. This isrepparttar 132217 tale of two lives, each one with uncommon valor. Please listen as you read.

He died of a brain tumor on February 21, 1945. His biographer, Sally Magnusson, wrote that most people who knew Eric, “...observedrepparttar 132218 consistency of his life.” Inrepparttar 132219 research she did forrepparttar 132220 biography of Eric’s life, she thought she had found some flaws in this stalwart character. She came across an eyewitness torepparttar 132221 behavior ofrepparttar 132222 missionaries who were incarcerated with Eric duringrepparttar 132223 last days of his life. The eyewitness had nothing good to say aboutrepparttar 132224 Western missionaries inrepparttar 132225 Japanese internment camps—just reports of tempers lost, heavy moralizing, and selfishness. The eyewitness, however, had this to say about Eric. “It is rare indeed when anyone hasrepparttar 132226 good fortune to meet a saint, but he comes as close to one as anyone I have ever known.” He, of course, was Eric Liddell.

Maybe you’ve heard Liddell’s story. If not, listen up. In 1924 atrepparttar 132227 Olympic Games in Paris, he refused to run a heat scheduled on a Sunday. According to Liddell’s convictions, he would have violatedrepparttar 132228 Sabbath by running on Sunday. Not to worry though. Liddell managed to negotiate an unheard-of switch fromrepparttar 132229 100-meter race he had been scheduled to run torepparttar 132230 400 meter for which he had not trained. The 400-meter race would not be run on Sunday.

On July 11, 1924, Lidell won that race and was showered with Olympic glory. But in stead of cashing in onrepparttar 132231 fame, Liddell followed in his parent’s footsteps, becoming a missionary to China. Just before Japan invaded China, Liddell was able to get his wife and daughters out ofrepparttar 132232 country to Canada. His wife was pregnant with his third daughter atrepparttar 132233 time. He never got to see her. He died in a prison camp. He was a man who did not compromise his convictions for a life of ease. And his convictions stayed with him until his death. Where arerepparttar 132234 Eric Lidells of today?

Once again, I remind you that this is a tale of two lives. His name was Pat Tillman. He turned his back on fame and fortune to serve as an enlisted man inrepparttar 132235 United States Army in Afghanistan. I’m sure you’ve heard his story. But have you heard that his honor has been impugned and trashed by an American journalist? After all it’s a free press in America. And any idiot can say anything. Someone once said that it’s better to remain silent and let people think you’re ignorant then to speak and remove all doubt. Pat Tillman was so far advanced in virtue obviously some journalists have had a difficult time graspingrepparttar 132236 depth and beauty of his impeccable valor. So they’ve chosen to spew trash about him, calling him a "chump." But this isn’t aboutrepparttar 132237 spineless naysayers. This isrepparttar 132238 story from which legends are made.

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