Take Your Publicity National to Grow Your Financial Planning Practice

Written by Ned Steele

Think that you aren't big enough for national media coverage? Says who? Certainly notrepparttar USA Today. In one recent two-week period, they quoted financial planners in Southfield (Michigan), Dublin (Ohio) and Clearwater (Florida). These are not exactly metropolitan hubs.

When your media confidence and experience grow, consider branching out to a larger audience than just your hometown or targeted industry.

To go national, you may want to consider using lists and directories where you can search for what media to go to, and learnrepparttar 145536 best way to reach them.

There are three kinds: free web-based links to hundreds of media, (like kidon.com or Newslink.org), published directories, CDs, and subscription web sites (like Bacon’s and Burrelle's) and customized, low-cost lists from brokers or similar providers. Your local librarian will be able to help you, too.

Publicity: Five Tips for Calling a Reporter

Written by Ned Steele

Always ask, “Is now a good time?”

Deadlines in journalism are unrelenting and unforgiving. Using these as your first words after “hello” showsrepparttar reporter you’re sympathetic to her needs. It also ensures your pitch gets heard whenrepparttar 145535 reporter is devoting proper attention.

Your goal: attract

In your first contact with a reporter, don’t come off like a talking encyclopedia. Your job now is to attract and interest them – not to deliverrepparttar 145536 whole story yet. Keep it short and enticing.

Offer that reporter a nugget of information they need

The best way to get a reporter’s attention: put yourself in her shoes and ask yourself, “What do I know about my topic that would help this reporter do a better job or get a big story?”

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