Take Your Pants Off In Public!

Written by Michael Lemm

Take your pants off in public. Wear your heart on your sleeve.

Or maybe you're more sedate, more low keyed. It doesn't matter.

What matters is that people leave you thinking, "I just met a real person, a genuine human being, a positive honest spirit not trying to trick me to do anything."

Allrepparttar Hype Masters are missingrepparttar 141043 boat when they try to take you where they want you to go. Whatever they build won't last.

Get real. Be honest. Tell your story and listen. Care.

You'll build a business. A real one with real people. And have fun doing it.

Play withrepparttar 141044 dog onrepparttar 141045 floor. Stand up blocks withrepparttar 141046 kids. Share your past, tell your story. Listen!

Allrepparttar 141047 so called professionalism onrepparttar 141048 surface of any business is swept aside and voided whererepparttar 141049 real decisions are made EVEN WHEN it's big money, big decisions as in major corporations.

To Hype Or Not To Hype....That Is The Question

Written by Michael Lemm

OK...before anybody get's their shorts in a bunch let me make it clear I'm not advocating hype. Quiterepparttar contrary....I hate it. (you out there Jay? LOL)

You knowrepparttar 141042 type. "Make a million in your underwear"...."100,000 with no selling and no sponsoring"...."we build it for you"...yada yada.

But....why do we see so much of it? I don't think you can just shrug it off to "they don't know any better"....or "their values are lower". It's too prevalent. In fact some so called "gurus" teach it! You know ...repparttar 141043 "headlines that sell" type of info products, ezine articles, conference calls, seminars and such.


Well....I set out awhile back to do a simple little experiment testing "hype" vs "no hype". I found a few message boards that are really nothing more than a free for all ... anything goes ... advertising stage (not hard to find unfortunately). I posted a few ads with catchy (if I do say so myself) hype headlines and content (otherwise known as emotional drivel).

I also continued my normal "tell it like it is" .... "this isrepparttar 141044 real truth" marketing habits in my usual locals.

What happened?

To my dismayrepparttar 141045 hype ads received lots of "hits" and a decent amount of sign-ups. The honest approach receivedrepparttar 141046 usual steady but not "massive" performance.

The results? (pay attention kiddies...here'srepparttar 141047 moral ofrepparttar 141048 story)

The folks who became customers and sub-agents fromrepparttar 141049 honest upfront approach....were much fewer in number BUT more solid! The customers were loyal users and offered referals. The sub-agents actually graspedrepparttar 141050 concept that you have to sell product to earn income (hey Junior, it's called Network Marketing .... not Network Recruiting ... for a reason. Duh!). Plus those they recruited were brought in underrepparttar 141051 "honesty" label too....and were taught to sell also.

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