Take Spectacular Nighttime Photos with your Digital Camera - Part I

Written by Andrew Malek

Night photographs express a special something that cannot be seen in normal daytime photography. Whether it is a photograph of a moon and starlit sky over a windy deserted beach,repparttar excitement of a downtown cityscape whenrepparttar 116085 lights go on, or just a picture of you and some friends in front of a favorite hangout, nighttime photos, when done right, are sure to attract attention.

However, even for experienced photographers, nighttime photography can be a tricky situation. Photos often look unfocused, blurry, or lacking crucial details, and many may not come out at all. There are some tricks, though, to taking spectacular nighttime photos with your digital camera, tricks that can be explained yet only completely learned through practice.

This first part of a three-part series on nighttime photography will cover tricks not necessarily related to digital camera settings, but tricks nonetheless that can result in better photographs or a more pleasing photo-taking experience.

* Although more expensive digital cameras do not necessarily result in better photos, realize thatrepparttar 116086 cheapest cameras may not be capable of taking great photographs at night. It requires more work, both on your's andrepparttar 116087 camera's part, to take spectacular shots in very low-light situations. Though you don't have to spend over a thousand dollars for night photography, don't expect too much out of a sub-two hundred-dollar camera, either.

* Especially if you are not completely familiar with your camera's settings to enhance nighttime photography, consider first taking some photographs around dusk, whenrepparttar 116088 sun has not yet completely leftrepparttar 116089 sky. Dusk photos can sometimes be even more dramatic than those taken inrepparttar 116090 pitch-black sky, asrepparttar 116091 added light helps illuminate details easily missed in a completely dark environment Check your local newspaper where you are shooting photographs or a website such as http://www.weather.com for sunrise/sunset times, and be ready to shoot around a 20-30 minute window for best results.

Learn about the traditional Chinese sailing ships

Written by Jakob Jelling

The traditional sailing ships are one ofrepparttar main prosperity Chinese symbols. Actually, these objects arerepparttar 116084 most known symbols after dragons inrepparttar 116085 Chinese culture. Just like dragons, they can be seen in most Chinese buildings and houses as traditional objects as well as prosperity amulets. They not only symbolize prosperity but also are very auspicious for goal achievements and happiness in general, and can help us attracting such benefits into our homes.

One ofrepparttar 116086 most usual ways these sailing ships are represented is carrying gold coins and gold ingots. Actually,repparttar 116087 tradition says they should contain as many richness and wealth symbols as possible, since sailing ships carrying such items symbolizerepparttar 116088 ship transporting richness intorepparttar 116089 house or towardsrepparttar 116090 place where they are. Besides,repparttar 116091 way by whichrepparttar 116092 sails holdrepparttar 116093 air andrepparttar 116094 wind has great symbolism as well. The sails holdingrepparttar 116095 wind symbolize problems being stopped from enteringrepparttar 116096 house, and this wayrepparttar 116097 sailing ship helps those around it keeping problems away from them.

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