Take Back Your Mind!

Written by John Colanzi

I really get upset when I receive emails from new marketers telling me allrepparttar ways that won't make money. The worst part is they are being told this bunk by fellow marketers.

They are really being told,repparttar 117803 individual they are talking with hasn't made any money online.

Stop listening to anyone who isn't going where you want to go and doing what you want to do.

Stop worrying aboutrepparttar 117804 economy.

Get out your shovel and buryrepparttar 117805 doom and gloom. Become a "good news" merchant starting now.

The news is pounding you withrepparttar 117806 message that this isrepparttar 117807 worst economy in history.


There have been better economies and there have been worse.

The economy doesn't control your success.

The president doesn't control your success.

If you want to succeed online, you better take back control of your mind. Start listening to good news merchants.

Start acting as if it were impossible to fail.


Written by Dr. JL Scott

While I was growing up my daddy used to tell me, "It's your decision. You have to make it. But be prepared to take responsibility for whatever decision you make."

Yikes! Now, THAT will make a kid stop and think!

Stepping up torepparttar plate to take responsibility is one ofrepparttar 117802 things I look for in those I choose to do business with. There can be no higher ethical standard. In our online businesses, we make decisions every day. Even a small decision can come back and bite us inrepparttar 117803 butt.

We make mistakes. We make thoughtless choices. We sometimes get involved with online programs without thinking aboutrepparttar 117804 repercussions. Stuff happens.

The question isn't whether we're smart enough to avoid all that. We can't. The question is whether we're willing to be accountable when we screw up.

Now, is this about customer service? You bet it is! But it's also about how we deal with other businesses - as well as life itself. And it's about telling - and accepting -repparttar 117805 truth!

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