Taj Weekes and Adowa-Hope and Doubt

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(AlphaPocket Records/Jatta Entertainment; Tuesday, August 16, 2005)

New York, NY--July 11, 2004--Reggae recording artist Taj Weekes and Adowa will release their debut album, Hope and Doubt, on AlphaPocket Records on Tuesday, August 16, 2005. Produced by Weekes, engineered by Joe Blaney (Lauren Hill, The Clash, Prince) and mastered by Alan Silverman (Norah Jones, The Kinks Chaka Khan), Hope and Doubt is an album of finely-crafted classic roots reggae, with something to say.

With Hope and Doubt, New York-based Weekes takes listeners back torepparttar Caribbean of his childhood and here, against an island-beat backdrop, he tells his autobiographical tales, both tragic and hopeful. On "MPLA," Weekes offers a poignant

DVD Movie Club - Movies Delivered Right To Your Mail Box

Written by Mike Dougherty

The Dreaded Video Store Experience

It's dark, cold, raining or all three as you get in your car and fight your way through traffic torepparttar nearest video store.

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The DVD Movie Club Experience

Now, with an online DVD movie club membership, your days of making those inconvenient trips torepparttar 148261 video store are finally over.

You can simply go online, selectrepparttar 148262 movies you want to see and your club delivers your titles right to your mailbox... Wow! What a concept. If you love movies, this is a dream come true.

No Due Dates, No Late Fees, No Shipping Charges

That's right; most DVD movie clubs offer you benefits that include no due dates which means you can keep your movies as long as you want. And since there are no due dates, there are no late fees. You simply return your movies whenever it's convenient for you.

And here's another great benefit that makes your DVD movie club experience hassle free... Most clubs ship your movie selections postage free. The clubs even provide you with free, pre-paid return envelopes for each movie so that when you mail your movies back to your club, it costs you absolutely nothing... Now what could be better than that?

DVD Movie Club - Membership Choices

Another exciting benefit offered by most clubs is a choice of membership plans. This gives yourepparttar 148263 ability to rent from one to three or more movies at a time. And no matter what membership plan you choose, you'll still enjoy no due dates, no late fees and free shipping.

DVD Movie Club - Choosing Your Movies

Some movie clubs offer you programs that let you pre-selectrepparttar 148264 kind of movies you like andrepparttar 148265 specific titles you want to see. With some clubs you can select movies inrepparttar 148266 order you want to see them. This makes it even faster and more convenient when it comes to choosingrepparttar 148267 movies you want to see.

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