"Tag, You're It !"

Written by Larry Johnson

"Tag, You're It !" By Larry Johnson Biz Site Biz E-Zine

Some call them "tag lines"; others refer to them as "catch lines" or "tie-in-slogans." Whateverrepparttar words used to refer to them, they are perhapsrepparttar 101054 most important part of your promotional writing.

Do you recognize any of these ? :

"Like a rock..." "Flyrepparttar 101055 friendly skies..." "It'srepparttar 101056 real thing !" "Quality is job number one" "The quicker-picker-upper"

Most of those tag lines are recognizable by us without even includingrepparttar 101057 name ofrepparttar 101058 company or product.

They summarize in a very few wordsrepparttar 101059 essence ofrepparttar 101060 thing they are promoting. They communicate a good, positive feeling or relationship torepparttar 101061 product. They do it with a simple, memorable phrase that is easily repeated.

The shorterrepparttar 101062 description is,repparttar 101063 more challenging it is to write. Anyone can write a 500-word description of a product or service. Now try doing it with 5 to 10 words ! Each word you choose is very important torepparttar 101064 message.

HERE ARE SOME TIPS for writing good taglines for your business offer.

1) Start by noticing ads on billboards as you drive downrepparttar 101065 road. Billboard advertisers have but a couple of seconds to grab your attention and sell their product or service. Usually their copy is going to be a very good tagline with a picture ofrepparttar 101066 product or service. These are great examples of how to write effective taglines.

2) Notice other media forms like magazine and newspaper display ads, business cards, brief radio and TV commercials. Observerepparttar 101067 thing that caught your attention and makesrepparttar 101068 message easily remembered. It's usually a concise and well-written tagline.


Written by Larry Johnson

There is no one secret formula for success onrepparttar internet. I have seen thousands of claims torepparttar 101053 contrary, but none of them have panned out yet.

However, there are some basics that anyone who is serious about doing business onrepparttar 101054 internet should keep in mind. This article is not meant to be an all-inclusive panacea for those who want to succeed quickly online. Patience is a good teacher also. Here are three simple rules for success onrepparttar 101055 internet: 1) DEVELOP your own piece of information, product or service that you can market for yourself. Forget trying to sell forrepparttar 101056 other guy. Work for yourself. I know is tempting to sign-up for an affiliate program and then spend all your time promoting and marketing it for some- else. Most people probably do this because it so simple. It's quick and convenient. The fact is that not very many are making much money at it. 2) DETERMINE what you are good at. Are you good at designing websites? Why not sell your services ? Do you have a flair for promoting ? Lots of folks online are earning a paycheck doing that. Can you write in a way that people will pay for your skills as a writer? Do you have some special talent or training that others would pay for? The truth is that most of us have some knowledge that is marketable onrepparttar 101057 internet. Think about your life experiences and training. This may require some work on your part to sit down and develop an idea list of allrepparttar 101058 things that you could develop into a report or e-book that has market potential onrepparttar 101059 net.

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