Tabriz Persian Rugs

Written by Jeff Brokob

Tabriz are one ofrepparttar most popular Persian rugs. Tabriz isrepparttar 141701 dominant city of Northwest Iran and isrepparttar 141702 second largest city in Iran. It has beenrepparttar 141703 center ofrepparttar 141704 carpet trade for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Tabriz rugs have many unique designs, butrepparttar 141705 typical pattern is filled with dense floral motifs, large palmettes or vases. Typical colors are dark red and a powerful blue. Newer carpets can also be soft green and brown.

Tabriz carpets come in all different sizes. The majority will range in size from 4X6 feet to 8X10 feet. You can also find rugs up to 10X18 feet.

Tabriz also has several "sub-styles". These includerepparttar 141706 Mahi, Naqsheh, and Tabatabaie. The Mahi is commonly referred to as "The Decorators Carpet", becauserepparttar 141707 colors available can match any room. The Naqsheh is generally consideredrepparttar 141708 most spectacular of Tabriz rugs due to its coloring scheme. The Tabatabaie has touches of orange, lemon green and beige.

How to Patch Small Holes in Drywall

Written by Joe Hyslop

Patching Smaller Holes in Drywall

Tools & Material: Trowel, Joint Compound, Sand Paper, Peel-And-Stick Repair Patch, Primer, Touchup Paint, Paint Brush

Small holes caused by doorknobs arerepparttar most common and easiest to fix. Any other holes within a radius of 6 inches can be classified in this category as well. Begin by wipingrepparttar 141700 area clean of debris and coveringrepparttar 141701 hole with a peel-and-stick repair patch found at any local hardware store.

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