TR Cutler Featured in June InMFG and Managing Automation

Written by Thomas Cutler

Thomas R. Cutler, President and CEO ofrepparttar largest manufacturing PR and marketing firm, TR Cutler, Inc. ( received editorial coverage in bothrepparttar 145936 June issue of InMFG, a leading Reed Business Publication, as well as Managing Automation. Both articles can be found onrepparttar 145937 right-hand column ofrepparttar 145938 website home page.

Thomas R. Cutler is a contributing journalist forrepparttar 145939 following publications:

- Advanced Manufacturing - American Metal Market - Business Integration Journal - Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters - Fabricating and Metalworking - Food Engineering - Food Quality - InMFG magazine - Industrial Computing/InTech - IT for Industry - Machine Design - Manufacturing Automation - Metalworking Production and Purchasing - Moldmaking Technologies - Plant Magazine - Plastics News - Quality Digest - The Manufacturer - Time Compression Technologies

Gehring Goes Live with ETO ERP Encompix in Just Six Months

Written by Thomas Cutler

Established in 1976, Gehring L.P. launched its North American operations in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

The 50,000 square foot facility provides a full service machine tool operation, engineering and assembly of custom precision honing machines, comprehensive research and development services, contract honing services, tooling re-work services, a highly skilled team of service technicians, spare parts and in-house manufacturing of super-abrasives by another Gehring Group member, Diato L.P.

After a six-month implementation Gehring L.P. went live on Encompix,repparttar nationís leading ETO (Engineer-to-Order) ERP system. The implementation or champion team was comprised of eight representatives from each department, including both end-users and managers. As with most successful implementations,repparttar 145935 president was heavily involved and committed torepparttar 145936 project's success.

Adrian Mitrea wasrepparttar 145937 project manager forrepparttar 145938 Encompix implementation. According to Mitrea, "We are seeing a streamlining of our processes with better communication between departments. Our people can seerepparttar 145939 whole process and not just their piece. They now understandrepparttar 145940 effect their work has on downstream operations, and we now haverepparttar 145941 discipline to make things happenrepparttar 145942 right way. This is a direct result of having a single, integrated system."

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