Written by Lara Velez

Father's Day should not berepparttar only day that we celebrate Dads. I think we should make Fathers feel special all year long!

As a wife and mother I would like to celebrate husbands with children. They are an awesome bred. I al personally thankful for a husband who works hard so that I can be a stay at home Mom. That is a gift to our children they will never forget. I see him come home after a long night and gaze lovingly at our children and in my heart I know it is worth it to him.

As a daughter I would like to celebrate all that my dad is. He is a patient and loving man who taught merepparttar 141462 importance of good penmanship (LOL), good manners, faith, and how to love.

I am sure as you are reading this you can think of allrepparttar 141463 things your Father taught you. Father's are not perfect but they are priceless.

Let me share with you how Father's Day started...

In 1909 a woman named Sonora Dodd was sitting in a church pew listening to a Mother's Day sermon. She began to think about her Father, William Smart.

You see Sonora's Mother died while giving birth to her. Her Father, a Civil War Veteran, was left to raise her and five other children alone. Sonora wanted to create a special day to honor him for all ofrepparttar 141464 sacrifices and love he had given to her and her siblings.

Guide to choosing plush toys for children

Written by Eugen Lisov

Guide to choosing plush toys for children

Many people consider plush toys great for children. They say that plush is a soft material that children love very much and that plush toys are so adorable, that you can’t resist them.

I agree, but what do doctors have to say about it? Are plush toysrepparttar best for children?

Plush toys are very popular nowadays. A lot of people believe that plush toys are one ofrepparttar 141439 best child toys.

Children themselves love to play with plush toys. They love these toys because they are soft and lovely at touching. Nobody can deny this.

Plush toys may pose a threat to a child's health.

Butrepparttar 141440 thing that most people don’t know is that plush toys aren’trepparttar 141441 safest toys onrepparttar 141442 market. In fact, they are potentially dangerous for your child’s health.

The reason for this is that plush toys absorb huge quantities of dust. This amount of dust isrepparttar 141443 ideal environment forrepparttar 141444 developing of some microscopic insects. These insects can produce, among others, bronchitis asthma, a severe form of allergy.

If you don’t believe me, take a plush toy that you have and smack it a few times with a ruler or with something similar. And don’t worry, it won’t hurtrepparttar 141445 toy!

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