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Traffic? Who needs traffic? Only those businesses who want to STAY in business need traffic. Only those businesses who wish to grow need traffic. Only those business owners who wish to make a living with their business need traffic. If you don't fit into any ofrepparttar categories above, then you don't need traffic and you can forget about readingrepparttar 101115 rest of this article.

For those of you who have continued reading, lets get a little more indepth aboutrepparttar 101116 subject of traffic.

I am quite frequently asked, is your guaranteed traffic targeted? Targeted is repparttar 101117 buzz word ofrepparttar 101118 Internet selling sector right now. Is "targeted" important? Yes, when it comes to emailing your offer. Why? Because emailing someone who didn't specifically request your information is considered spam. And spamming can get you in all kinds of trouble,repparttar 101119 least of which is to lose your ISP (Internet Service Provider - AOL, Earthlink, etc.) connection.

Is targeted traffic important when it comes to programs such as my guaranteed traffic? No! Why not? Because traffic is traffic. Look in your ads inrepparttar 101120 newspaper. See all sorts of businesses advertising? Listen to your radio. Hear all kinds of advertisements? Look at your TV. Loaded with all kinds of ads? Sure. Why? Because those businesses also know that traffic is traffic. It takes MEGA traffic to get sales - on or offrepparttar 101121 Internet. And those business know that.

I have businesses using my service who are run by executives who understand repparttar 101122 nature of traffic. They know that buying 5,000 visitors to your site one time is not going to accomplish what you want to accomplish. They know that in order to attain real success, it takes much more traffic than that and it takes CONTINUING traffic., operating since 1997, leads with the best prices on the net

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Many people see our prices as low or even cheap and, yes, we are very competitive. is actually one ofrepparttar leaders onrepparttar 101114 Internet for best-priced web hosting. We are able to offer low prices confidently due to extensive experience inrepparttar 101115 web hosting industry.

M6 has experienced just about every challenge there is to running an efficient, effective and profitable web hosting business. Offeringrepparttar 101116 best-priced web hosting, and, multiple website hosting accounts comes easy when you consider a few well-followed principles.

Experience - We have been operating for over 4 years, but, instead of being distracted into other areas like web design or consulting services, we have maintained a focus on pure web hosting.

Single Platform - We have focused on one platform, Microsoft Windows NT /Windows 2000 servers, with a limit torepparttar 101117 number of 'boutique', third party, development platforms.

Relationships - We have maintained a strong relationship with our suppliers and backbone providers and have not moved in 3 years, we have simply increased our usage and strengthened our ties.

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