Written by David Seitz

When I run an advert in an ezine, print orrepparttar web I use a simple little log trick to keep track of how effective each run is.

Let's say you are placing an add for your home page Instead of just using your home page address userepparttar 101157 following: If you type ?code after your address it will still take you right to your web page with no interference (go ahead try it I know you want to!) but what it does do is registerrepparttar 101158 address in your web-server logs! You can of course substituterepparttar 101159 word code with any combinations of numbers or letters that you want.

You will now be able to easily track as many ads as you want.

This is a powerful and free tracking system. All you will need to do to utilize this technique is take a peak into your web server log to see how each ad is doing. Just find repparttar 101160 call for your unique URL plus your code and you can view it's hit's.

Don't understand your logs?

10 Hypnotic-Like Sentences That Sell Like Crazy!

Written by Larry Dotson

Tell your readers what they are probably thinking, feeling or doing as they read your ad copy. This strategy will usually trigger their own subconscious mind to bring out these feelings or actions.

You can add these sentences into any ad copy. You may have to change one or two words so it relates more torepparttar product or service you're selling.

1. As you keep reading this ad copy, you are feeling more and more compelled to experience allrepparttar 101156 benefits of our product.

2. The more you understand just how valuable our product could be to your life,repparttar 101157 less you think about delaying this important purchase.

3. After you read this short ad you will feel like your problems are almost completely solved, all you will have to do is order.

4. As you're skimming through this, you're beginning to think you have nothing to loose and everything to gain by trying out our product.

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