Written by Stephanie West Allen

When You Wish Upon A Star

Aster means star. Dis-aster occurs when you don’t honor your star.

Your star. That place in you that holds all your brilliant qualities, traits, and talents. You know when you are operating from your star. Your Fabulous Four -- health, wealth, relationships, and self-expression -- blaze with success and well-being. You know it when you are in your star-being and your star-doing.

Have you lost contact with your star? Not a good thing to do as you then court disaster. Where is your star hiding its light? Have you forgotten it into some black hole? Have you developedrepparttar habit of mediocrity? A routine of ordinariness? Have you obfuscated it into fuzziness?

Dust off and propel your pulsar. Quicken that inner quasar. The world wants to see your radiance. When we shine as stars, we let other people know their dreams can come true, too. People can make wishes on your star.

Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I Recall Tonight

Your star never burns out. It may burn dull. Be very still and you can feel it. Recall allrepparttar 123880 good things you have done and your star will come out -- even inrepparttar 123881 darkest night. Some of us are very hard on ourselves and our star then fades. Don’t do that. Sing your song, climb to your summit. No more dis-aster for you, right?

Humility, Humor, and Humanity

Written by Stephanie West Allen

"Angels fly because they can take themselves lightly." G. K. Chesterton


The early years ofrepparttar great painter Paul Cezanne were difficult and his career was, fromrepparttar 123879 very start, troubled with frequent rejection and failure. His family considered him peculiar and were unsupportive of his art.

After much family turmoil in his younger years, his father gave him a small allowance and he left for Paris where he worked alone and ignored.

Another painter Camille Pissarro became his mentor both lending him moral support, and influencing his palette. Cezanne, in a relatively short time period, switched from dark tones to bright colors.

Cezanne produced beautiful works as an unknown painter for many, many years. His commitment to, and passion for, his art was strong and unwavering and he did not strive for fame or even lesser recognition.

One day, a French art dealer happened to seerepparttar 123880 masterpieces of Cezanne. He was so impressed that he collected several ofrepparttar 123881 paintings and arranged an exhibition in his gallery. Visitors torepparttar 123882 dealer’s gallery were stunned as they saw forrepparttar 123883 first timerepparttar 123884 works ofrepparttar 123885 unknown master.

The story goes that Cezanne arrived atrepparttar 123886 gallery and was also stunned. He had never before seen his work featured and admired this way. He walked around looking at his paintings, leaning on his son for support. Slowly he turned his head and looked at his son in surprise and awe. Cezanne then said, “They have put them in frames!”

Andrepparttar 123887 second painter story: Picasso was being interviewed by an inexperienced critic. The critic asked why Picasso did not paint things to look as they actually do.

“I am not sure what you mean,” Picasso replied.

The critic took a photo of his wife out of his wallet and showed it to Picasso saying, “Like this. This is how she really looks.”

Picasso looked atrepparttar 123888 photo and said, “She’s quite small. And rather flat.”

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