TMI: The Résumé Destroyer

Written by Pierre Daunic

Resume too long? Ugh! Boring and counterproductive. Here’s how to reducerepparttar length of your résumé by as much as a page or more without sacrificing meaning, impact, or readability.

“They say my résumé should be only one page long. Is that correct?”

Not necessarily. Many résumés are rightly two, three, or even more pages in length.

Onrepparttar 138513 other hand, many résumés are far longer than necessary. Carelessly written, they contain “TMI”—“Too Much Information”—and that mind-numbing surplus can damage or destroy a résumé’s ability to generate a job interview.

Here are some tips to help you avoid that possibility:

Eliminate “fluff.” Some of us use bloated, hackneyed, or empty phrasing that just takes up space. For example, a résumé’s objective might say something like “Accomplished Mechanical Engineer seeks an upwardly mobile, challenging position in a growing company.” Better: “A continuing career in Mechanical Engineering.” Be ruthless in cutting out language that serves no plausible purpose.

Weed outrepparttar 138514 unnecessary. Few readers enjoy plowing through overly detailed job descriptions on a résumé. Make sure your duties, responsibilities, and achievements are described in only as much detail as necessary.

Avoid “flop-overs.” Save space better used elsewhere by rewriting sentences or paragraphs that end with only a few words onrepparttar 138515 next line or onrepparttar 138516 next page. Not only will your writing look neater, but you may also save space better used elsewhere.

Downplay old experience. In most cases,repparttar 138517 last 10 – 15 years of our work experience arerepparttar 138518 most relevant to our next job. Showcase your skills and achievements in that span in as much detail as prudent. Then, shorten earlier job descriptions accordingly.

Don't look now but your'e fired!!

Written by Garry Munro

One-day you’re minding your own business and your boss comes in and says "You’re Fired", perhaps he was a bit more polite than that butrepparttar end result wasrepparttar 138479 same, you’re now out of work!!

Now what do you do?

Well get overrepparttar 138480 initial shock and look atrepparttar 138481 whole experience as a positive, this mayberepparttar 138482 break you have been waiting for, no more excuses for not doing what you’ve always wanted to do, that is too work for yourself and if that's not what you always wanted to do, it is now, because you may not have any other choice.

Okay, just gotrepparttar 138483 sack and now suddenly thrust intorepparttar 138484 world ofrepparttar 138485 entrepreneur! What next? First thing is to think about what you have been doing that actually had someone paying you previously to do it. Also what do you like doing? What do your family and friends compliment you on being good at?

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