Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

Make yourself go back intorepparttar not so distant past. Try to rememberrepparttar 145548 first poster you ever saw that made an impression on you. The one you can still picture on your mind up to now. What did it look like? What maderepparttar 145549 poster an unforgettable one? Is itrepparttar 145550 message ofrepparttar 145551 words written orrepparttar 145552 picture on it? Or just simplyrepparttar 145553 way it was done?

Or have you associated a picture with something or someone in any way? For example, in stumbling upon one shot, you remember your old room, your favorite chair, or your grandmother taking you in her lap and singing songs. Memories that when comes back when you think ofrepparttar 145554 simplest thing.

Posters and pictures arerepparttar 145555 “feasts forrepparttar 145556 eyes”. We can see them everywhere, in streets, restaurants, malls, just about any place one can think of. People, being visual, tend to look first before taking inrepparttar 145557 details. If they like what they see, then they continue on exploring and taking other aspects. When we see something simple, we dismiss it as boring and do not bother to look for more. But if we see something that catches our eyes, we tend to look longer and appreciate what is in front of us.

If you compared things fromrepparttar 145558 past andrepparttar 145559 things now, you would be amazed atrepparttar 145560 extent of chance that people are capable of. People now can appreciate posters that give out realistic colors and picture. Just by looking at them, one can feel as if what is inrepparttar 145561 poster is real. By using vibrant graphics, people can now have an initial idea what this places or persons look like. Needing no words,repparttar 145562 pictures tell it all. No need for further explanation.

Fix Your Site With the Right Dogtype

Written by Chris P Bohn

HTML and XHTML Doctypes have been around for a long time, but in order to makerepparttar Web that bit easier for novice webmasters, who don't always understandrepparttar 145450 intricacies of Doctypes, it will soon be time for all ofrepparttar 145451 current Doctypes to bow-wow out gracefully and make way for something new:

DOGtype Declarations!

Dogtype Declarations are easy to use. You simply chooserepparttar 145452 Dogtype that most closely matchesrepparttar 145453 characteristics of your website.

Here, fromrepparttar 145454 newly-formed 'Woof Woof Woof Consortium' is a handy beginners' guide to available Dogtypes:

Collie or Sheepdog Dogtype - Use this DTD if your site is there to do a job, rather than being there merely for entertainment purposes. Suitable sites will be totally professional, ultra-reliable, and never let you down, although they might be a trifle dull or lacking in surprises at times.

Poodle Dogtype - for Flash-heavy sites that are all style and very little substance. Why poodle? Think dyed pink and over-pampered showdogs, usually called Fifi and often seen sporting lots of bows or ribbons and other canine bling.

Whippet or Greyhound - For fast-loading sites. Not too many images. No animated gifs. Lightweight stylesheet.

Bloodhound (or alternativelyrepparttar 145455 Spaniel dogtype) - Do you use 'browser sniffing' javascripts in your page? Then you need one of these 'sniffer dog' Dogtypes!

Mutt or Mongrel - For sites that have been around sincerepparttar 145456 dawn of time. The site owners have only just heard about Doctype declarations and decided to stickrepparttar 145457 first doctype that comes along atrepparttar 145458 top of their page. Anything's better than Quirks mode, they think. Ha! But if backwards compatibility is an issue for you then use Mutt/Mongrel. Labrador - A useful Dogtype if you need to address issues of accessibility particularly with regard to blind users.

Pit Bull - Suitable for any site that grabs your browser, locks on and simply refuses to let go, so you can neither click to go back, forwards or anywhere and have to do a Control-Alt-Delete manoeuvre in order to escape. This usually happens because of images that have not been properly optimised. Or there may be too many animations. Or scripts. On rare occasions these problems might not actually be caused byrepparttar 145459 website. It could just be that your old Commodore 64 just can't handle today's fast-paced Internet. But usually it isrepparttar 145460 site that is at fault.

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