Written by Larry Johnson

There is no one secret formula for success onrepparttar internet. I have seen thousands of claims torepparttar 101053 contrary, but none of them have panned out yet.

However, there are some basics that anyone who is serious about doing business onrepparttar 101054 internet should keep in mind. This article is not meant to be an all-inclusive panacea for those who want to succeed quickly online. Patience is a good teacher also. Here are three simple rules for success onrepparttar 101055 internet: 1) DEVELOP your own piece of information, product or service that you can market for yourself. Forget trying to sell forrepparttar 101056 other guy. Work for yourself. I know is tempting to sign-up for an affiliate program and then spend all your time promoting and marketing it for some- else. Most people probably do this because it so simple. It's quick and convenient. The fact is that not very many are making much money at it. 2) DETERMINE what you are good at. Are you good at designing websites? Why not sell your services ? Do you have a flair for promoting ? Lots of folks online are earning a paycheck doing that. Can you write in a way that people will pay for your skills as a writer? Do you have some special talent or training that others would pay for? The truth is that most of us have some knowledge that is marketable onrepparttar 101057 internet. Think about your life experiences and training. This may require some work on your part to sit down and develop an idea list of allrepparttar 101058 things that you could develop into a report or e-book that has market potential onrepparttar 101059 net.

How Did You Get Here?

Written by Michael Hopkins

When marketing your website, it's important to know which of your efforts are producing results and which of them are a waste of time.

You can learn a lot about this by analyzing your website's statistics (assuming your webhost offers this service).

However, even withrepparttar best statistics programs, it can be difficult to determine where exactly your visitors are coming from. Did they arrive on your product page by clicking a link in your newsletter or did they get there by clickingrepparttar 101052 banner you've paid to have displayed on Yahoo?

The best way to answer this question is to track your links. You can do this by buying link tracker software or by employing a third-party service to do it for you.

However, if your budget is tight, there's one way you can track your links without spending a dime.

This can be done by tagging a question mark followed by a piece of text atrepparttar 101053 end of your hyperlinks. This will not affect repparttar 101054 wayrepparttar 101055 link works, but will help you identify that link in your website's statistics.

For example, http://www.yoursite.com/page1.htm?linka will point simply to http://www.yoursite.com/page1.htm as ifrepparttar 101056 "?linka" were not there at all.

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