Written by Irvin L. Rozier

The Wildcat's End The wildcat creeps about on big hairy feet Looking for something tasty to eat. I chase him with my wildcat stick I chase him so hard it makes him sick. When willrepparttar wildcat ever learn Not to come around my little farm. The droppings of athe wildcat certainly stink Smells like a skunk in a clogged up sink.

Create A Buzz

Written by Scott Hansgen

In this crazy music business we all love so much, we always need to be searching for whatever we can to give us an edge inrepparttar marketplace, something that will get us a little more attention. We need to create a "buzz" and make people start talking about us. The question is how do we do that?

To create a buzz, you need to make people start talking about you, your music or your live show. Something that will arouse curiosity inrepparttar 125380 people that are not yet in your circle of fans. Rememberrepparttar 125381 old rumor about Paul McCartney being dead? What about when everyone was trying to figure out whorepparttar 125382 guys were behindrepparttar 125383 paint in Kiss? Then there wasrepparttar 125384 one about Ozzy biting offrepparttar 125385 head of a bat during his show. All of these things created a buzz. Doesn't even really matter ifrepparttar 125386 event even took place or not as long as people were constantly talking to others about it. That isrepparttar 125387 best publicity you can get!!

Let's take a look at this scenario. There was a cell phone company that was getting ready to introduce torepparttar 125388 market a new phone that would not only take a picture but would allow users to send it to another right fromrepparttar 125389 phone. Before it hitrepparttar 125390 market,repparttar 125391 company set up couples that pretended to be tourists in New York and gave them a phone. They would randomly stop passersby onrepparttar 125392 street and ask them to take their picture in front of a landmark. After thanking them they would talk to each other about sendingrepparttar 125393 picture to mom or Grandpa right then and there. What do you think happened? Well obviouslyrepparttar 125394 passersby went back torepparttar 125395 office, home or wherever their destination and told everyone they knew aboutrepparttar 125396 cool new phone. Before you knew it, everyone was talking about it. Presto! Instant demand!

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