Written by Greg Beckemeier

Picture this. You make a sales call on an important prospect yet are unable to seerepparttar decision maker. Being an innovator, you leave a box of donuts to show that you care, AND leave them in an attractive, DESIGNER donut box with your business card prominently displayed atrepparttar 124500 top ofrepparttar 124501 box.

Later,repparttar 124502 decision maker walks intorepparttar 124503 room for a refill and WHAM,repparttar 124504 compelling aroma of fresh donuts hangs inrepparttar 124505 air likerepparttar 124506 sweet smell of success. The boss is drawn torepparttar 124507 box.

But this is no ordinary box. Instead of some name brand donut chain, or any donut shop name for that matter, coveringrepparttar 124508 box there is a huge smiley face saying "Have a great day".

Almost as being pulled by an unseen force she moves torepparttar 124509 donut box and what does she see? Looking up at her isrepparttar 124510 chocolate covered donut of her dreams. Without hesitation, she isrepparttar 124511 boss after all, she reaches in and takes a bite. Oh yeah.

It's good to berepparttar 124512 boss. She's relaxed and enjoyingrepparttar 124513 unexpected treat but still massively curious aboutrepparttar 124514 box. A smily face? She takes a look andrepparttar 124515 first thing she notices is your business card.

As fate would have it, justrepparttar 124516 product she is going to spec out tomorrow. "I'm remembering this" she says and notes down your name and number. The next day you get a call from their purchasing department, not only for pricing but thatrepparttar 124517 Boss requited that they call you. THERE IS NO COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE GREATER THAN "THE BOSS TOLD ME TO CALL YOU"

Getting the Word Out...Offline

Written by Jackie Ulmer

You've taken your business torepparttar Internet, developed a web site that SELLS and you've automated your sales process. So, where is all ofrepparttar 124499 traffic? How come your hit counter isn't going throughrepparttar 124500 roof, and where arerepparttar 124501 sales?

Now, it's time to really focus on attracting traffic. And,repparttar 124502 key here is "targeted traffic."

You are going to get a crash course in attracting that target market where they spend most of their time.... offline. That's right, no matter how many people are online, they still spendrepparttar 124503 majority of their time offline, and part of your marketing campaign should be spent finding that offline traffic and getting them to your web site!

The Internet is hot, getting hotter, andrepparttar 124504 same person that may not pick uprepparttar 124505 phone to call you about your business, can't wait to check out your web site and see what you are offering.

Here are some proven offline ways to spreadrepparttar 124506 word -

Word of Mouth - This is stillrepparttar 124507 best form of advertising. Tell everyone you know about your new website and ask them to take a look and give you feedback. Overrepparttar 124508 holidays, when you send out greeting cards, gifts, etc., include a blurb about your new web site and your new Internet business. Have some postcards printed and send them to everyone.

Flyers - This is a low cost way to get traffic to your site and to testrepparttar 124509 effectiveness of your advertising. Play around withrepparttar 124510 content on flyers, and then pass these out everywhere. Check onrepparttar 124511 cost to run a flyer insert in a local, neighborhood paper. Make sure you have a proven, effective flyer first, though.

Networking Events - Check with your local Chamber of Commerce and your newspaper for regular Networking events where business professionals come together. This is a great way to meet some people, advertise your business and get some other ideas. The people that attend these meetings come with a business mindset. Have a thirty second "elevator speech" prepared, designed to tell people what you do, and bring plenty of business cards and flyers.

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