Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

You canít escape it - every time you look in a mirror there it is. It may be a pleasurable experience, or it can be a soul-searching, dismal attempt at facingrepparttar world. However, you view or react to what you see in a mirror, it is notrepparttar 123876 final word and it is not written in stone.

It has been said throughout history thatrepparttar 123877 truth of a person is in their face. Life has a way of etching out lines and features that reflectrepparttar 123878 real person inside. Cosmetics, and other cover-ups wonít disguiserepparttar 123879 heart and soul from being seen inrepparttar 123880 eyes ofrepparttar 123881 person, nor inrepparttar 123882 resulting facial features that are a compilation of what they have done, and whatrepparttar 123883 world has contributed.

What happens if you are delighted each and every time you see your reflection in a mirror? Well, by all means, carry on! However, if you are less than satisfied, and a bit timid about any mirror image, then its time to take stock and undo some ofrepparttar 123884 damage. It is not a case of just removing wrinkles orrepparttar 123885 lines of time - after all these are character marks and should never be seen as undesirable. Wrinkles and lines are natureís way of showing others that you have survivedrepparttar 123886 ravages of whatever life threw your way and are more knowledgeable and more experienced than any fledgling without a wrinkle in sight. You have learned to love, care, and hurt. You are a living example of continuing on and crossing overrepparttar 123887 numerous bridges, valleys and hills that make up a lifetime. You earned each and every wrinkle and line and be proud of it. You knowrepparttar 123888 many sides of sorrow andrepparttar 123889 brilliance of peace and love. You have met tragedy and misfortune and have somehow overcome it. You are successful in traveling through life and living to tell about it. You are a source of knowledge and wisdom that youth can never have andrepparttar 123890 pages in your lifeís book are filled with examples and stories that only living daily life can provide. You can see throughrepparttar 123891 candy coating and still enjoyrepparttar 123892 sweetness.

Now what do you do if you are not pleased withrepparttar 123893 image staring back at you? Is it too late and are you forever stuck with this reflection? Absolutely not - becauserepparttar 123894 one feature that takes prominence in any likeness in that piece of glass isrepparttar 123895 eyes. They arerepparttar 123896 mirror torepparttar 123897 soul andrepparttar 123898 door torepparttar 123899 heart. If your continence is less than what you want it to be, begin working on improving it immediately. A change of attitude, or way of dealing with people and situations will add a different slant to your eyes. If your heart has hardened, then open it to everything and everyone around you. See others as just traveling companions through this journey called life and know that they too are facing problems and setbacks that only their heart is capable of relating.

A Hobby As A Release

Written by Josh Hinds

If you haven't done so already I highly recommend looking for something you enjoy doing. Then start spending a little time each week working on it. I'd like to point out that it doesn't have to necessarily be a monumental undertaking. Nor does it have to be something you plan to make a living doing (Although many a person has found that it leads to this).

Perhaps it is something like starting a little part time business. Maybe it's deciding to take up wood working. The point is that you find something you can find pure enjoyment in. You say you don't have repparttar extra time? Hey, who does? The key here my friend is that you've got to make time for such activities.

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