Written by Russell Burnham

It doesn't matter whether or not you have your own product to sell...despite allrepparttar opinions torepparttar 127402 contrary. Me and a whole mess of others have made money promoting other peoples' products.

Sales people are amongrepparttar 127403 highest paid people inrepparttar 127404 world because nothing happens until a sale is made.

But there's one sale that you rarely, if ever, hear about. It'srepparttar 127405 most important sale there is. It'srepparttar 127406 one sale that, if not made, will never make you any money.

And that sale is YOU. You have to be sold onrepparttar 127407 product - whether your own or not - before you can effectively promote and sell it to others.

You should be completely, totally and utterly sold onrepparttar 127408 product or service itself. You should have a total confidence inrepparttar 127409 product or service you're offering to others.

Yep,repparttar 127410 first sale to your success is selling yourself. That'srepparttar 127411 first step.

Step 2 is communicating that confidence to your audience.

Funny thing, though, we find thatrepparttar 127412 very definition of money is...

An idea backed with confidence.

The product or service isrepparttar 127413 idea. Do you have total confidence inrepparttar 127414 product or service that you're offering to others? If so, are you effectively communicating that confidence to others so they, too, gain confidence in that product or service?

See,repparttar 127415 'confidence' part ofrepparttar 127416 definition of money isrepparttar 127417 most difficult part to master. There are many, many parts and steps to confidence.

'Confidence' could be said to be 'the taking ofrepparttar 127418 correct actions and overcomingrepparttar 127419 barriers toward a known and acceptable goal.'

Though confidence itself is a bit deeper than that, going throughrepparttar 127420 correct actions and blasting through those barriers that pop up will give you confidence.

The more andrepparttar 127421 bigger barriers that you overcome,repparttar 127422 more unshakable your confidence becomes.

Making mistakes and failure are two of those barriers that pop up...and quite frequently at that.

They teach us whatrepparttar 127423 wrong actions are. They give us character. They teach us, by default, how to succeed.

But that still doesn't teach you how to communicate your confidence to your audience so they, too, gain your confidence...or at least enough confidence to take some kind of action. (That 'some kind of action' could be signing up for a free ezine, asking for more information, leaving their email address for something free...or any other step in a multi- step marketing campaign.)

Turning your media pitch into a media hit

Written by Todd Brabender

Anyone who has ever read a book on sales or taken a sales course has heard it - on average it takes anywhere from 3 to 10 contacts before a sale is reached. Although sales and publicity are very different animals,repparttar same rule of thumb applies when pitching your release/story idea torepparttar 127401 media. Because ofrepparttar 127402 Internet and email, media outlets today are bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of media pitches each week. So, it's more important than ever that to make sure your release gets noticed. This doesn't mean pitching to more media outlets -- it means your publicist or PR staff should takerepparttar 127403 time to pitch to your specific media market.multiple times.

Whether you pitchedrepparttar 127404 release yourself or hired someone to do it for you -- didrepparttar 127405 release make contact? Sure it arrived, but is thatrepparttar 127406 release that editor needs that day, for that article or for that issue. Hopefully so, but many times that is notrepparttar 127407 case. Sorepparttar 127408 release is either saved for future use (again hopefully) or more than likely it is set aside, trashed or deleted. The releases/pitches that get used arerepparttar 127409 ones that are, in fact, newsworthy, media-friendly and arrive at opportune times. As you might imagine a perfect combination of all three translates into your best chances of media coverage and publicity.

Using a release distribution service gets your release pitched ONCE. Butrepparttar 127410 most successful campaigns are those that are strategically and effectively maintained and/or re-pitched with calculated frequency. Most media outlets don't or can't respond to your initial release or pitch. Based on my professional experience as a PR/Publicity specialist, I would estimate that media placements occur inrepparttar 127411 following manner:

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