Written by Miguel Fiol

As ifrepparttar Nasdaq news weren't bad enough, Forrester Research (FORR) said most Internet retailers would be out of business by 2001. Retailers find themselves being forced fromrepparttar 133597 market by depleting bank accounts and saturated markets. The story quoted Mark Doll, a consultant for startup companies at Ernst & Young, who said, "There are 30,000 e-tailers out there, and probably 25,000 will have to go away."

While alarming to many, this consolidation serves as a fundamental benchmark to change. Or a wake-up call for your company. The scope ofrepparttar 133598 countryside is changing, not only in focus but in infrastructure and applications. So how are companies who find themselves pinched inrepparttar 133599 saturated landscape suppose to survive, much less thrive? A look atrepparttar 133600 future ofrepparttar 133601 Internet should provide some insight.

VoIP - Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a simple idea: utilizerepparttar 133602 inexpensive infrastructure ofrepparttar 133603 Internet to create a convergence of voice and data. Already, you can make free long distance phone calls onrepparttar 133604 web via or Soon, you'll actually be able to callrepparttar 133605 Internet from any telephone and ask for website information, stocks, weather, make reservations, etc. The system searchesrepparttar 133606 Net forrepparttar 133607 information you seek and reads it back to you in a calm, friendly voice. While both fast emerging industries, VoIP will not achieve critical mass until a few kinks are worked out.

For long distance,repparttar 133608 unreliability ofrepparttar 133609 Internet andrepparttar 133610 instability of browsers and applications are concerns. Consumers will likely still be willing to pay 5 cents a minute for something they KNOW always worksrepparttar 133611 way they need it to. We've used telephones all our lives and that will be difficult to change especially if it sacrifices reliability. For voice portals,repparttar 133612 question is not only who wants to surfrepparttar 133613 net on a phone but ofrepparttar 133614 security issues involved. V-commerce or Voice commerce will likely replace e-commerce but, again,repparttar 133615 bugs are in need of innovation butrepparttar 133616 implications are tremendous. Imagine asking your database a question while conferencing with a partner on your mobile phone. Or visitng a website and asking product questions or ordering.

WAP - Wirless Application Protocol (WAP) isrepparttar 133617 standard language developed byrepparttar 133618 WAP Forum (a consortium of major telecommunications, Internet and software companies) to bringrepparttar 133619 Internet onto wireless devices such as smart phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA). WAP isrepparttar 133620 language used to convert HTML websites into sites that are viewable onrepparttar 133621 small, text-only screens now available on most mobile phones. While still in its infancy, great strides are being made in infrastructure, quality, security and applications. International Data Corporation has even predicted that there will be more wireless web subcriptions than PC Internet subscriptions by 2003. It is further believed that at some point after that,repparttar 133622 PC will simply become a peripheral torepparttar 133623 PDA or phone.

Introduction To Web Technologies

Written by Richard Lowe

There are literally hundreds of difficult technologies available torepparttar webmaster. Making proper use of these technologies allowsrepparttar 133596 creation of maintainable, efficient and useful web sites. For example, using SSI (server side includes) or CSS (cascading style sheets) a webmaster can change every page on his web site by editing one file.

A few ofrepparttar 133597 more common technologies are listed below.

ASP - Active Server Pages are used to perform server-side scripting. This is a way to get things done onrepparttar 133598 web server, as opposed to, say, JavaScript, which lets you get things one onrepparttar 133599 client (browser). Although there is a Unix and Linux version of ASP, it is primarily intended for use on Microsoft web server based systems.

ASP is useful for tasks such as maintaining a database, creating dynamic pages and respond to user queries (and many other things as well).

CGI - Common Gateway Interface is one ofrepparttar 133600 older standards onrepparttar 133601 internet for moving data between a web page and a web server. CGI is by far and awayrepparttar 133602 most commonly used method of handling things like guestbooks, email forms, message boards and so on. CGI is actually a standard for passing data back and forth and not a scripting language at all. In fact, CGI routines are commonly written in interpreted languages such as PERL or compiled languages like C.

CSS - You use Cascading Style Sheets to format your web pages anyway that you want. CSS is complicated, butrepparttar 133603 complication pays off by being able to create web pages that look much better than otherwise. One very nice feature isrepparttar 133604 ability to define formatting commands in a single file, which is then included in all of your web pages. This let's you make one change to modifyrepparttar 133605 look of your entire site.

HTACCESS - The .htaccess file allows you to set parameters for your web site and folders (directories). The most common use is to protect directories by defining usernames and passwords. Htaccess can be used for many other things as well, including denying access to specific addresses, keeping out hostile spiders and redirecting traffic transparently torepparttar 133606 user. The downside of htaccess isrepparttar 133607 language used is often extremely obscure, difficult to understand and extraordinarily precise. A small error in your htaccess file can disable your entire web site untilrepparttar 133608 error is fixed.

Java - Java is a client-side (meaning it's executed byrepparttar 133609 browser notrepparttar 133610 server) language. It is efficient and very powerful. The primary advantage of Java over ActiveX is Java has a sane security model (calledrepparttar 133611 Sandbox Model), whilerepparttar 133612 ActiveX model is so imbecilic as to defy imagination. Java is also much less likely to crash systems. Onrepparttar 133613 other hand, Java is substantially slower than ActiveX, and there are many tasks that simply cannot be performed in Java because it is denied access torepparttar 133614 operating system and disk itself.

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