Written by Craig Lock

"If a man has talent and cannot use it, he has failed. If he has a talent and uses only half of it, he has partly failed. If he has a talent and learns somehow to userepparttar whole of it, he has gloriously succeeded and has a satisfaction and a triumph few men ever know." -- Thomas Wolfe

I thinkrepparttar 102024 key words inrepparttar 102025 path to success are: DESIRE, DETERMINATION, DEDICATION and SELF DISCIPLINE. Because everything starts out withrepparttar 102026 "seed of desire" -repparttar 102027 reason why I started out writing - wanting to make a difference through my words. Others are FOCUS and a SINGLE-MINDEDNESS (in pursuit of one's goals). PERSERVERANCE TOO (in large "heaps".The words 'determination' and (by association) 'ruthlessness', suggesta person who wants success and power for it's own sake. This is another sort of obsession. However, a desire for power, riches and fame may have virtually nothing to do with it. Byrepparttar 102028 way, I feel that not all successful people and business executives are ruthless - they are not all "money grabbing corporate raiders". Most of them are "normal and good family men", who have perfectly natural reactions in that they hate firing employees. "Soft gentle souls!"

Determination is often at its greatest, when a person is enslaved by an idea and wants to seerepparttar 102029 idea work. Me! There is a further sort of determination:repparttar 102030 determination to see things through, to finishrepparttar 102031 job. For example, a compulsion to qualify forrepparttar 102032 PGA golf tour in America, to finish a building, or in my case to finish writing this manuscript...and then get it published... which isrepparttar 102033 hardest part of all. Especially with repparttar 102034 way I write!

I suppose all these characteristics are somewhat abnormal; because so-called "normal" people are more passive and less focussed than us "obsessive types". They are regarded as being less "mad" byrepparttar 102035 majority ofrepparttar 102036 public, who engage in more ordinary activities and have more "normal" occupations.

This thought leads me on to another question: Isrepparttar 102037 top-most level of successrepparttar 102038 only one worth having, or is it sufficient to merely enjoy sport for it's own sake (evenrepparttar 102039 professionals)? Does every player entering Wimbledon really think he or she is going to winrepparttar 102040 Championship? Or is it success itself just to play inrepparttar 102041 Wimbledon tournament? How realistic isrepparttar 102042 vision of success to YOU? It all depends on how you define success for yourself...which isrepparttar 102043 thought with which I introduced this chapter.

I believe that a strong SENSE OF DIRECTION or PURPOSE IN LIFE is a very important ingredient for success. So too is a persistent personality.

To be successful in whatever endeavour one chooses, first of all requires a great of talent. It might be latent, waiting to be uncovered. Perhaps, you are not even aware of it. I wonder how many budding Ayrton Senna's and Michael Schumachers there are around, who just have never hadrepparttar 102044 opportunity (mainly inrepparttar 102045 form of money) to race cars? Motor racing is certainlyrepparttar 102046 "ultimate rich boy's sport".

MORE ON GOALSETTING and GOAL ACHIEVING: The technique of Visualisation

Written by Craig Lock

As I mentioned in Part One in controlling our thoughts and attitudes, visualisation is a great help in setting your personal goals. Use it as a tool, be persistent, like a yappy dog biting at your ankles and you'll get there inrepparttar end. (That's a simile, BTW).

American John Kehoe has written extensively on this subject in various works. He isrepparttar 102023 one who hibernated in repparttar 102024 woods of Canada or Alaska for five years contemplating repparttar 102025 mind and talking torepparttar 102026 trees, like Bonnie Prince Charlie talking torepparttar 102027 plants! I should have been a lumberjack instead of a writer; but then I can't imagine myself floating down a swollen river and balancing on a log!

I too am writing in virtual hibernation. Perhaps it's good for writing by forcing one to focus. Anyway,repparttar 102028 creative juices seem to flow well here in Gisborne, New Zealand. (Incidentally,repparttar 102029 country has produced some great Kiwi writers).

Some more on VISUALISATION...

Work out what your goal is. What you want to become? What sort of person do you want to be? Picture what changes you want to make in yourself and in your life...for repparttar 102030 better, of course.

Set stepping stones (or sub-goals) as sign posts along repparttar 102031 way. To guide you and ensure that you stay on track. They can be your short-term or medium term goals, say one month to one year. The marathon runner doesn't think ofrepparttar 102032 finish line , but,repparttar 102033 lamp post inrepparttar 102034 distance...orrepparttar 102035 next drink spot. Thinking ofrepparttar 102036 big picture often seems impossible, so it can be very discouraging. Take small steps... and one at a time. You can get get loads of satisfaction from taking one step at a time. Attaining sub goals can help you with a more immediate focus and it rewards you alongrepparttar 102037 way in your pursuit ofrepparttar 102038 grand plan. Make daily affirmations to yourself to keep yourself positive and focussed onrepparttar 102039 way ahead. (Remember, affirmations and self talk from Chapter Five). Have written goal checks to ensure that you are on track - onrepparttar 102040 right path. These are a good aid in reassessing your performance and how well you are doing on your chosen path. I've gone so far down my track, if it'srepparttar 102041 wrong one it's a bit late to turn back. I'll just visitrepparttar 102042 soup kitchens! "What a stuff up"! Seriously (for a change) though, it's never too late to change direction; look at South Africa and apartheid,repparttar 102043 fall of Communism, Yugoslavia, Israel and Palestine... Set priorities. It is important to have flexible goals; they are not set in concrete and can be changed as you change and develop. Remember changing goals in mid stream doesn't mean losing ground (or "the plot"). As long as you grow personally, you are makingrepparttar 102044 most of yourself.


1. Set big goals

2. Make long range goals

3. Make short term and daily goals

4. Goals should be specific

5. Goals should be realistic

6. Luck is not involved in achieving goals

7. Don't make goals to please someone else - they are for you alone.

It's your life and no one else can live it for you. Listen to your parent's advice; but young adults, you makerepparttar 102045 decision aboutrepparttar 102046 career you want. Not knowing what I wanted to do after finishing school (and then university), I followed my father into insurance, not thinking that I would have to spend half my working/waking life in that occupation, "dumbo"!

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