Written by Rosanne Cohen

Have you ever wished you could go from Point A to Point B and not have to worry aboutrepparttar "in between?

Just as a silly example it's 4:00 inrepparttar 117926 afternoon and you realize that it's close to dinner time and you have no dinner forrepparttar 117927 family!

Point A you need dinner prepared and Point B having it ready on time and onrepparttar 117928 table! Andrepparttar 117929 "in between" being lack of motivation to get dressed, lack of energy to get in your car, drive torepparttar 117930 store, buy repparttar 117931 dinner, stand in line to pay for it, drive home, unloadrepparttar 117932 groceries, and finally preparerepparttar 117933 dinner! Whew...what an effort...butrepparttar 117934 end result is that you would have a great meal!

Wouldn't it be terrific if we could just snap our fingers, wiggle our noses and would all get done. The "in between" would take care of itself! Great concept but unfortunately not too realistic - unless of course you are a genie!

Very often we let our fears, lack of energy and motivation, get inrepparttar 117935 way ofrepparttar 117936 "in between." We stop ourselves from achieving our desired goals and doing what we really want because we are so overwhelmed byrepparttar 117937 sheer process of just getting from Point A to Point B. We have good intentions, great ideas, we want to succeed, and we have big dreams but we are stuck inrepparttar 117938 "in between."

In business especially, I think we have all been a victim of our own fears and self doubts at one time or another. In today's world of high tech computers and ever-changing Internet technology repparttar 117939 "in between" can be terribly confusing, mindboggling and a scary place to be!

Do You Suffer From Untilitis?

Written by Martin Avis

That little voice in your head that keeps saying "Don't get started until ..."

There is a closely related syndrome called unlessitis.

Of course, until and unless never actually happen, so you never get started at all.

When I was first thinking about setting uprepparttar BizE- zine web site I suffered from these complaintsrepparttar 117925 whole time.

'I'd better not start until I learn HTML'

'It would be better if I wait until I've bought Paint Shop Pro.'

'I can't design a web site unless I've researchedrepparttar 117926 field thoroughly.'

'I won't get started until I've read a few books about e-commerce.'

And on and on.

But you know what? None of these objections really mattered. They were really just my subconscious demon's way of stopping me from putting my head aboverepparttar 117927 trenches.

We all have that little demon living inside our brain. It evolved with us as a survival instinct - so we think twice before doing something dangerous. And in that respect it is very useful. But when it getsrepparttar 117928 upper hand and prevents us from doing anything at all - that isrepparttar 117929 time to take action.

How do we quieten that annoying little voice?

It is all a matter of behavioral training. Like with a dog. Be firm, and providerepparttar 117930 right rewards and pretty soon it will be helping you rather than hindering.

Here are some tips that really work:

1. You have to become aware ofrepparttar 117931 demon before you can learn to tame it. As you go through your day, observerepparttar 117932 times that you put something off - no matter how small. In time, you will recognizerepparttar 117933 signs. At this stage, don't try to change your behavior, just become aware of it.

2. Start to consciously userepparttar 117934 demon for positive purposes. So, when you are about to start, or are inrepparttar 117935 middle of something, andrepparttar 117936 voice keeps telling you to do something else, pause for a second and say torepparttar 117937 demon 'I will stop, but only when I have finished, and then I will give myself a reward.' Promise yourself some small token of your own appreciation - a cup of coffee, a candy bar, a phone call with your best friend - anything that will make you feel good. But only reward yourself for completingrepparttar 117938 task.

3. Once you get intorepparttar 117939 habit of makingrepparttar 117940 demon wait, you can move on torepparttar 117941 next stage: making it worry less. You procrastinate becauserepparttar 117942 demon fears failure. Allrepparttar 117943 'unlesses and untils' are put up to prevent you from failing by not even starting. When you become aware that you are putting off something, stop and get a sheet of paper. Write down a full description ofrepparttar 117944 action you want to take. Then, under it, write down allrepparttar 117945 bad things that can happen if you take that action. Then, under each bad thing, let your logical mind answer them.

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