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Stupidman Downloads,Copies a File

Some superheroes drink a potion,take a pill,utter some magic words. I put my fingers on a keyboard and become STUPIDMAN.

I am currently readingrepparttar free chapters ofrepparttar 109466 new e-book "Internet Profit Pearls" (IPP). I understandrepparttar 109467 explanations of why some popular strategies don't work andrepparttar 109468 advantages of some lesser used,yet cost effective methods. My problem is implementingrepparttar 109469 tactics. But apparently I'm not alone.

One tactic is creating a "junk" email address. I went to a free email service and thought Stupidman needs an email address. Guess what? Stupidman was taken, in factrepparttar 109470 first three versions were taken. I finally secured a version but even creating an email address does not come easy for me.

Downloadingrepparttar 109471 book was easy(at least it was with Winzip) but then IPP says I have to make a copy. Never having made a copy my blood pressure begins to rise, but there is a link to a tutorial site and a brief description ofrepparttar 109472 steps for copying. Wanting to delayrepparttar 109473 inevitable and avoid becoming gaseous dog(see previous articles) I clickrepparttar 109474 tutorial.

Remembering we have Windows 98, I select it, then "getting started" and......getrepparttar 109475 old "the page cannot be displayed notice". (Sometimes I think this is a cookie that attaches to me rather than a computer.) After two more attempts I give up and return to IPP.

For those of you who know what you are doing, this next passage is really boring and is intended for soul mates of Stupidman.

Usually my son,Greased Lightning, ignores everything I say but one time he responded to my mutterings aboutrepparttar 109476 wasted printer ribbon and paper when I would print a 22 page article and only wanted 3 paragraphs. He responded, contemptuously of course, by showing me how to select a portion ofrepparttar 109477 article. Clickrepparttar 109478 cursor (also known asrepparttar 109479 curser when your hand twitches) atrepparttar 109480 top left corner of what you want to copy, left click and hold,then drag to bottom right corner of what you want to copy. This highlighted area can be printed. Now holdrepparttar 109481 Ctrl key down and press P. A gray page will pop up, click selection (it's inrepparttar 109482 middle onrepparttar 109483 left side) then ok. If you have paper inrepparttar 109484 printer(a future article?) you'll get a copy of exactly what you want. (Warning: More than likelyrepparttar 109485 gray page defaults to all. If you get too cocky with this new technique you will forget to click selection and end up with 22 pages of stuff).

The Top Ten Things I Learned from Mister Rogers

Written by Susan Dunn, M.A.

Please feel free to distribute and reprint as long as bio line is included intact.

Mister Rogers makes everyone feel special and valued, and he's one of my heroes.

1. You can never go down, never go down, never go downrepparttar drain. When life can involve divorce, layoffs, losing a child, moving 2 weeks before your baby's due and you have a toddler and a dog with a new litter of puppies, working full-time and being a single-parent, or starting a new career at 55, it's good to know you can never go downrepparttar 109465 drain!

2. You can stop when you want to, stop when you wishEver say to yourself -- stoprepparttar 109466 madness? Mister Rogers reminds us that we can stop when we want to. Makerepparttar 109467 carousel slow down so you can enjoyrepparttar 109468 ride. You're in control. Stoprepparttar 109469 roller coaster and get off. End a relationship that isn't working. Change a career whenrepparttar 109470 passion's gone. Eliminaterepparttar 109471 tolerations in your life! You can stop when you want to, stop when you wish.

3. It's great to be able to stop when you've planned a thing that's wrong and to be able to do something else instead. Problem-solving! When you're working at a problem andrepparttar 109472 answer isn't forthcoming, try something new. The solution isn't doubling your efforts at a failing proposition. If you're havingrepparttar 109473 same things happen over and over again in your relationships, stop what you're doing and do something else. Try something new! If you keep doing' what you've been doin', you're gonna keep gettin' what you been gettin'.

4. There's something deep inside that helps us become what we can. Develop your intuition and pay attention to what it tells you. It'srepparttar 109474 best guide to what's best for you and what will work for you. Listen to that still, small voice inside and let it be your guide ... it's an EQ competency.

5. Whenrepparttar 109475 whole wide world seems oh so wrong and nothing you do seems very right, you can punch a bag, pound some clay or some dough, or round up friends for a game of tag or see how fast you can go. Change what you can, and those things you can't ... go chop some wood, or take a bike ride, or call your coach and talkrepparttar 109476 feelings out. You might as well learn to manage those feelings constructively now, becauserepparttar 109477 stakes are just going to get higher in life, sorepparttar 109478 feelings will too. It's a lifelong mission changing what you can, and finding some play-doh when you can't!

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