Written by Rhoberta Shaler

Do you have an 'attitude of gratitude'? What is your first inclination in any situation? Is it to find something to appreciate, or something to criticize?

Many folks were raised with constant criticism. It seemed that almost nothing they did was right or good enough. If they got a good grade on a report card,repparttar question was "Why didn't you get a better one?" That's one way that parents control their children, or, at least, think they do. If that was part of your past, you may have to make a concerted effort to not pass that along now. Focus onrepparttar 101880 positive. Catch others doing thing right and say so!

You've probably heardrepparttar 101881 saying, 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." What do you do when things do not seem to turn outrepparttar 101882 way you want them to? Do you look forrepparttar 101883 learning inrepparttar 101884 situation, and change your approach? That'srepparttar 101885 best use of energy on your part. Spend little time onrepparttar 101886 downside—just enough to understandrepparttar 101887 lesson--and move on.

Let the Pros Handle It

Written by Myrtis Smith

When it comes to looking for a job, most people takerepparttar Lone Ranger approach. They rely on themselves to figure out what they want to do, write their resume, prepare for interviews, and create a job search strategy. And while in repparttar 101879 Information Age, it is possible to do all these things on your own;repparttar 101880 real question is "is it smart?"

There are many career specialists available to assist you withrepparttar 101881 various aspect ofrepparttar 101882 job-hunting process. Below, we highlight career coaches, resume writers, and headhunters.

Career Coach ---------------------

What do they do? A career coach can be your partner inrepparttar 101883 job search process. They can help you decide what it is you want to do, work with you to create an action plan, and assist you with practice interviews. Career Coaches are great accountability partners if you are struggling to set and maintain goals. In addition, a career coach can stay with you find a job to create a plan for success in your new role.

Should you hire one? If you’re asking yourself "What's next in my career?" and you don’t have an answer, a career coach may be a good resource for you. If you are able to create an action plan but have trouble following through, a career coach can create accountability and examine potential reasons why you aren't achieving your goals.

What to look for? There are lots of people calling themselves coaches. When looking for a coach, find someone associated with a professional organization or training institute for coaching (Coach U is one ofrepparttar 101884 more popular ones). Also, only work with a coach who will give you at least 1 complimentary session; this will give you an opportunity to see if your personalities "click."

Professional Resume Writer -----------------------------------------

What do they do? A professional resume writer will take information you provide about yourself and your previous work experience to create a top-notch resume. They have excellent writing skills and are familiar with what key words recruiters look for when reviewing a resume.

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