Written by Craig Lock

I believe ebook publishing isrepparttar way ofrepparttar 108469 future (as shown by Steven King's "Ridingrepparttar 108470 Bullet"), though I believe there will always be a place for traditional publishing with paper books. People will always love holding a real book out inrepparttar 108471 sun for their holiday reading. I just believe electronic-publishing is way cheaper and immediate compared to "hard copy" publishing. Thus it has many benefits forrepparttar 108472 reading consumer, as well as talented new authors, who may find great difficulty in getting their work accepted by traditional publishing houses- especiallyrepparttar 108473 well-known ones who rarely take on new authors inrepparttar 108474 current harsh publishing environment. In addition, things are moving so fast with reading aids in electronic publishing. New technology is constantly developing repparttar 108475 hand-held reader, so soon you may be able to down-load novels atrepparttar 108476 beach. Mayrepparttar 108477 two forms of publishing work in tandem inrepparttar 108478 future, torepparttar 108479 benefit ofrepparttar 108480 consumer. In time all of Craig Lock's 17 books will be available both electronically, as well as paper copies. We have an ultimate vision (or dream) of Gisborne onrepparttar 108481 East Coast ofrepparttar 108482 North Island of scenic and tranquil New Zealand being a "renowned and recognised" centre of electronic, as well as conventional publishing, a world-renowned centre in providing quality courses in distance education and adult online teaching. perhaps one day even a centre of excellence in developing technology inrepparttar 108483 South Pacific. (Thanks to my "technogeek" associates, Stefan Van Lingen, Bill and Erich for all their help, drive, talent and vision, as I don't understand modern technology).


Written by Polly Hummingbird

Most online businesses are looking for ways to promote their products or services usingrepparttar resources that are available onrepparttar 108468 Internet.

One ofrepparttar 108469 resources that can be used as a way to promoterepparttar 108470 products or services of a business are 'ebooks'.

A product information package can easily be put into an ebook in an attractive and appealing way. Then this ebook can be offered as a free promotion.

Put your ebook in .pdf format. This isrepparttar 108471 most popular type of ebook there is available, and Internet users are used to downloading them.

Design your promotional ebook to be both dynamic and functional. Provide exact ways for placing an order for your products or services.

Ebooks are easy to revise, so you can always include "Special Offers".

Consider including a colorful brochure or an electronic business card. This is a chance to show off your products in a visible way. Include photographs or images too.

Because an ebook is read offline, at leisure, it can have more detailed sales information than website copy.

Avoid too much hype in your information because it underminesrepparttar 108472 intelligence of your potential customers. It can also make your product or service appear to be a scam, where there is nothing actually being offered. Be professional and practical forrepparttar 108473 best results.

Ebooks are paperless, and are therefore good forrepparttar 108474 environment. This issue is becoming more important as people become aware ofrepparttar 108475 need to care for our planet resources. Recently, banks have introduced paperless bank statements, as a way of assisting in saving trees and paper.

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