Written by Philip E. Humbert

Every successful person understands that they can not succeed by themselves. Success is always based on effective partnerships.

Every business needs customers. Every manufacturer needs suppliers, and entrepreneurs depend on partners for financing, marketing, and production. Evenrepparttar solitary "day trader" depends on thousands of people who maintainrepparttar 102112 systems that permit them to work "alone."

But there are even more basic partnerships that often go unnoticed, and like any partnership that is ignored, they can fall apart with disastrous impact on your business, and your life. I'm talking aboutrepparttar 102113 "internal" partnerships that are absolutely fundamental to your long-term success.

Here are 4 vital "partnerships" that must be maintained and nurtured for your business to flourish:

1. The partnership between your "Head" and your "Heart". People stuck in jobs they hate are examples of allowing this partnership to erode. Whether it'srepparttar 102114 lure of profits orrepparttar 102115 loyalties of a family business,repparttar 102116 results of following a path without passion arerepparttar 102117 same. We make money, and spend it on therapists. We haverepparttar 102118 prestige orrepparttar 102119 money, but find no joy inrepparttar 102120 process. The "logic" of your head andrepparttar 102121 "passion" of your heart must partner together for long-term success.

2. The partnership between your "Goals" and your "Values". How often have you defined a goal, committed to its achievement, and then failed to follow through? Often, this is because your values were not aligned withrepparttar 102122 goal. If your goal to earn more conflicts with your value of spending more time as a family,repparttar 102123 value will win every time! Values go deeper than goals, and when there is conflict between your goals and your values, you will fail to reach your goals, and feel badly about it, every time.

The 4 Steps to Successful Goal-Setting

Written by Philip E. Humbert

Successful people have always had clear, focused goals that guided them to greatness. Thomas Edison was determined to createrepparttar electric light bulb. "Lucky" Lindbergh was determined to reach Paris, and bet his life on it. Michelle Kwan had a goal to berepparttar 102111 best skater inrepparttar 102112 world. Oprah Winfrey was an abused child who determined to make life better.

Successful people always have clear goals. Great musicians, great athletes, successful salespeople and inspiring leaders know what they want in life, and they go after it. Great parents work at it. No one becomes an astronaut by accident!

And yetrepparttar 102113 great bulk of people continue to drift through life with no goals at all, or with only vague dreams, hopes and wishes. No wonder we achieve so much less than we could!

For those who don't know how to set and achieve goals, here is a powerful set of principles that have worked for thousands of my clients. They will work for you, too. I call them The 4 Steps to Successful Goal- Setting:

1. Decide what you want. Decide if you would rather have money inrepparttar 102114 bank, or that new car. Chooserepparttar 102115 life you prefer! You can't have everything in life; but you can have anything you choose, if you will focus, payrepparttar 102116 price, and pursue it with all your heart.

2. Clarify your values. Too often, people choose goals that are inconsistent with their priorities and daily behaviors. Do you value health, or comfort? Is financial independence a priority, or merely a wish? In a clash between your values and your wishes, your values will win every time. Be certain your goals are consistent with your most important values.

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