Written by June McHardy


I've always known how important it is to have goals. And that once you have a written goal you must take some action towards achieving it. I just didn't expect to have it pointed out to me so graphically asrepparttar day I started to feel a little less than confident about my car!

I'd better start atrepparttar 123882 beginning. For a while now,repparttar 123883 car has needed some work done on it. After all, it's isn't getting any younger and I've been starting to feel a vague dissatisfaction about it. One day, my husband and I were out for a drive. We'd just been through a very bad time with our business and were listening to something motivational on tape to buoy ourselves up. This specific tape once again stressed that there are no limits to what we can be, have or do if we just makerepparttar 123884 decision.

No limits? REALLY? O.K. then, why not have a Mercedes! Since we were out for a drive anyway, we took a small detour over torepparttar 123885 local Mercedes dealer. Oh boy! there were some great cars there! A couple of older models really caught my eye and I could see that we could indeed plan on owning a Mercedes some day, and who knows - maybe sooner than we think! We drove home wondering how to make it a reality.


Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

Have you ever seen a painting in a gallery that made you stop and take a longer look? What about a book - when you were done reading it, did you put it down immediately or hold it close to you as if to absorb what you had just read into your soul? Did you ever finger a fine piece of needlework and tracerepparttar lines slowly so thatrepparttar 123881 sensory luxury could be remembered?

All these incidents bring together a very important part of life - something catches your eye, you want to remember it, and to recall it brings pleasure. Now, what about your life? Everyday life starts out with a blank canvas. We are handedrepparttar 123882 brushes and paints so that we can create a masterpiece of beauty or a cheap imitation of some fine piece of living. The pages of our book are blank andrepparttar 123883 bare cloth waits for our artistic touch.

What we paint, write, or create depends on who we are and what we want to accomplish with our lives. Some people do spectacular landscapes, while others stay withinrepparttar 123884 realm of “stick” people. Some will pen sonnets and great literary volumes, while others are content with over-the-counter, weekly gossip papers. A skilled craftsman will take repparttar 123885 needle of his very existence and embroider a fine tapestry, while others would rather use paper towels.

The one thing that we all have isrepparttar 123886 same 24 hours, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. No one else is given more, and no one is given less. Its like a bank account, where 24 hours is deposited daily into your account, for your use, in any way you choose. Atrepparttar 123887 end ofrepparttar 123888 day, some will have added a profit, others will have taken a loss. The only constant is that tomorrow another 24 hours will be added andrepparttar 123889 choice will again be yours.

Well, you may say, life is not fair with me. I don’t haverepparttar 123890 opportunities,repparttar 123891 luck, orrepparttar 123892 contacts other people have. My financial situation is not what I would like it to be so that I could accomplish better things. I never have enough time and I have too many commitments.

No, everyone’s account is notrepparttar 123893 same inrepparttar 123894 long run. However, they started out withrepparttar 123895 same deposit of 24 hours, and made their decisions to withdraw, invest, or gamble with whatever came their way. They made their choices and you made yours. Sometimes they were bad investments of time and other instances, a profit was made.

The one thing we all have is our ability to choose. We make uprepparttar 123896 decisions that shape our lives,repparttar 123897 masterpieces of art orrepparttar 123898 menial attempts at painting. “Fine for you to say that I haverepparttar 123899 ability to choose, but I need to work two jobs just to feed my family. The bills are growing,repparttar 123900 kids are uncooperative, and life sucks.”

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