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Like fashion, make-up trends keep changing. But,repparttar basic human desire to apply colors to decoraterepparttar 130290 face has remained constant. Trends in makeup are actually indicative ofrepparttar 130291 beauty ideals ofrepparttar 130292 times. The 'Natural Look' of today, for instance, reflectsrepparttar 130293 universal swing towards nature and all things natural. Forrepparttar 130294 real art of make-up refer .

Applying Make-up

Knowning what is just right for you isrepparttar 130295 key to applying make-up. You have to take so many aspects into consideration... your age, your skin tone, type and texture, your facial features,repparttar 130296 clothes you will be wearing, your plus and minus points. The best thing about today is that you can play around with colors, and cosmetics to achieverepparttar 130297 look that suits you best.

Step by Step Make-Up

Foundation: Choose your foundation according to your skin type. Learn how to apply perfect foundation here at

Eye-Brows: Rightly shaped eyebrows are a must! Eyebrows shaperepparttar 130298 whole makeup.If you wish to definerepparttar 130299 eyebrows, use light feathery strokes of your eyebrow pencil. At, find how to get a perfect eyebrows!

Whoops! How to Handle a Tough Media Interview

Written by Susan Harrow

Whoops! How to Handle a Tough Media Interview

1. When asked an embarrassing or inappropriate question.

Reframerepparttar question by beginning with, *What I felt was....* Then focus attention on a broader social issue or expand it to encompass what many people might feel. An interviewer asked one of my clients who had been raped: *Did you feel dirty, unlovable, ashamed?* Instead of answering, *Yes,* she might have responded, *Many women whether they've been raped or not, have been made to feel that way about their bodies or sexuality at some point in their lives. That's why I've chosen to speak out on this sensitive issue now. To give a voice to all of us, even those who have no voice.*

2. When asked a question that is too personal.

Use humor to lightenrepparttar 130288 atmosphere. Or changerepparttar 130289 nature ofrepparttar 130290 question gracefully by saying, *What I'd really like to say is....* Or, *The question I'd really like to answer is....* Or, *In my book I say....* Or, *I'd like to keep that part of my life private, but I would like to share this....* Then offer something else delicious and intimate.

3. When an interview is lagging.

Ask to read a passage from your book or describe your service with a tightly condensed and powerful phrase. You will have already chosen in advance a paragraph or two that is particularly exemplary. Don't feel shy about offering. Most interviewers are so busy they may not have had a chance to review or even peruse your book orrepparttar 130291 information you've provided. You arerepparttar 130292 person most familiar with your book, personality or business andrepparttar 130293 best parts of it! When she was being interviewed for her book, *Some of Me,* Isabella Rosellini delighted her audience by picking an imaginative and lively section which she read with feeling.

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