Written by Jill St Claire, President - JSC Marketing, LLC

What dorepparttar young people of Humboldt County do after leaving high school and college? Some can’t wait to leave, and others want to stay but aren’t satisfied withrepparttar 133374 job opportunities, or lack thereof, in this place they’ve known as “home”.

The real question is -- how do they perceiverepparttar 133375 options available: minimum wage retail sales, join a branch ofrepparttar 133376 U.S. Military,repparttar 133377 family farm, or just hanging out with their friends who are inrepparttar 133378 same situation.

Some, through their own entrepreneurial activities, see options for working from home or for business opportunities in their own community. Most however, are just glad to have found a good job somewhere, and “somewhere” usually isn’t Humboldt County even though leaving home isn’t what they really want.

The editor William Vitek says in his essay, Community And The Virtue Of Necessity, "What keeps a community together isrepparttar 133379 inability of its members to leave, either because ofrepparttar 133380 dangers that lie outsiderepparttar 133381 community--a forbidding desert or an enemy clan, for example--orrepparttar 133382 ties that lie withinrepparttar 133383 community--traditions, laws, fear of being cast out, rejected, or destroyed." In recent times that has been mitigated (or weakened) by technology: automobiles, telephones, outside investments, ties to state and federal assistance programs, but some people do not feel that they can ever leave and continue a constant cycle of struggling with finding a means for economic security.

For many of Humboldt County’s residents, their identities are heavily intertwined with their community. The importance placed on where they live and what keeps them there (other than “we can’t just moverepparttar 133384 farm”) seems to berepparttar 133385 tranquility,repparttar 133386 natural beauty,repparttar 133387 perceived lack of crime, and most importantly,repparttar 133388 people and relationships.

To preventrepparttar 133389 loss of our productive population andrepparttar 133390 slow death of many of Humboldt County’s smaller communities, as we’ve seen happen with all too many, we have an enormous responsibility to make this place matter enough for our young talented people to want to stay or return after attending college elsewhere. By garnering our connection torepparttar 133391 technological age and educating our youth aboutrepparttar 133392 unlimited entrepreneurial possibilities technology offers, we provide opportunity and a mechanism for our youth to succeed. Having a job that makes use ofrepparttar 133393 skills acquired in college would be an important step in keeping them here and luring those who’ve left back home.

While technology andrepparttar 133394 Internet alone may not revive an entire community, it can provide a good income in places where there are few traditional new jobs. Some good examples are:repparttar 133395 GIS expert working from home in Hilo, Hawaii; pack goat supplies in Weippe, Idaho;repparttar 133396 Tionesta students selling digital stories;repparttar 133397 small ISP in Imperial, Nebraska;repparttar 133398 future Spanish language institute being formed in Elsa, Texas; andrepparttar 133399 marketing of fine wood products in Orofino, Idaho.

The Coming Television Revolution

Written by Terry Mitchell

The revolution is just getting started and will begin to make its mark this year. By 2010, it will begin to take off. By 2025, it will berepparttar standard for all TV viewing. It's called Internet Protocol Television, or IPTV for short. IPTV works with a set-top box connected to any broadband interface and to a TV. It will allow users to choose among thousands (and eventually hundreds of thousands) of hours of programming, including movies, sports, classic TV, etc., and download their selections fromrepparttar 133373 internet torepparttar 133374 hard drive ofrepparttar 133375 set-top box. Initially, set-top box hard drives will be able to store up to 300 hours of programming at a time, but capacity will expand asrepparttar 133376 technology becomes more refined. Also, download times will become shorter and shorter as broadband connection speeds become faster and faster. Eventually, a two-hour movie will be fully downloadable in a couple of minutes. Oncerepparttar 133377 programs are downloaded torepparttar 133378 hard drive, they can be viewed onrepparttar 133379 connected TV at any time via a DVR-type interface provided byrepparttar 133380 set-top box. Besidesrepparttar 133381 convenience of an all video-on-demand (VOD) environment, IPTV will provide a much wider range of programming than broadcast, cable, and satellite TV, or even major video chains, could ever provide. Becauserepparttar 133382 programming is available fromrepparttar 133383 internet, it will be almost completely unlimited and unconstrained. Programming from all overrepparttar 133384 world will be available along with every imaginable genre of niche programming. Also, previously unreleased independent films that have been sitting on shelves for years due torepparttar 133385 lack of a distribution source will suddenly become available torepparttar 133386 masses via IPTV. Films that previously could not be made at all will become a reality and be available onrepparttar 133387 IPTV services. Long forgotten films and TV shows will have new life breathed into them by IPTV. To top it all off, much of this programming will be eventually be available in high definition (HDTV)! Most IPTV platforms will be divided into "channels", but notrepparttar 133388 same kind of channels that we have grown accustomed to with traditional TV services. In this case, a "channel" is defined as a division of an IPTV service by individual content provider. Each content provider carried by a given IPTV platform will have its own guidelines for delivering programming on its channel. Some will provide their content for free to everyone who owns a given IPTV product. Some will be subscription based, i.e., everything on their channels will be available for a monthly or annual subscription. Others will be all pay-per-view. Still others will provide a combination of all ofrepparttar 133389 above.

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