Written by Jinky C. Mesias

There are lots of designers who think they know everything there is to know when it comes to web site designing. However, it seems that they still lack in understanding some ofrepparttar basic concepts that goes with web design. Just take for examplerepparttar 145915 purpose of text inrepparttar 145916 whole designing process.

Some ofrepparttar 145917 most common mistakes committed by web designers are using graphics or Flash for text. One harmful effect of using graphics or Flash for text is that it increasesrepparttar 145918 size ofrepparttar 145919 page. In addition, it is not search engine friendly and oftentimes graphics came out poor in quality or jaggy. And above all mistakes in graphics or Flash for text are not that easy to correct.

Another most commonly committed web designing mistake is creating text that doesn’t stand out againstrepparttar 145920 background. The problem with this kind of design is that it hurtsrepparttar 145921 eyes. Likewise, it is a bad design idea to have alternate color inrepparttar 145922 links.

Web designers are also fond of using small text most especially on sites with Flash. These kinds of sites are usually shunned by older people sincerepparttar 145923 texts on these sites are hard to read. Another designing mistake isrepparttar 145924 inclusion of too much material on one page. With too much content all grabbingrepparttar 145925 attention ofrepparttar 145926 visitor will somehow destructrepparttar 145927 visitor away from his very purpose in visiting your site inrepparttar 145928 first place. Remember that people haverepparttar 145929 tendency to get confused and if that happens your web visitors are likely to leave. A web site with so many unrelated material means thatrepparttar 145930 web site was not properly organized and would exude an image of poor planning on your part. This kind of web site usually ends up having poor navigation.


Written by Jinky C. Mesias

The most common misconception that people has is that web sites are their end all internet marketing strategy. Onrepparttar contrary a web site is merely a part ofrepparttar 145914 whole marketing strategy. Proper planning and development of internet marketing strategy is a vital ingredient in order to make your online business a successful one. There are components to guide you in coming up with your marketing strategy and these are as follows:repparttar 145915 product, Web site and an effective marketing strategy. Each of these components must be developed into its fullest potential.

In order to developrepparttar 145916 fullest potential of your product first of all you have to have a product to develop. Next,repparttar 145917 product must sell. Meaning, find a great product in which you have a vast knowledge of and also make sure thatrepparttar 145918 product must also present opportunities for future developments. And if ever you feel that there are no products that suit your interest, you can always make your own. With today’s advance technology you can do absolutely every product you desire. The good thing about creating your own product is that you become familiar with every aspect of your product as well asrepparttar 145919 processes involved in its production. Another advantage is thatrepparttar 145920 product is exclusively yours alone since you can have it patented and of course if your product is exclusive then you’rerepparttar 145921 only one that customers can turn to for your products.

An additional consideration is your target market. The internet offers an unlimited market that is why it is also imperative thatrepparttar 145922 products you make are designed to target a large number of potential customers. Try to conduct researches in order for you to knowrepparttar 145923 most bought products online by various customers.

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