THEMES...The Next Evolution of Search Engine Optimization

Written by John Buchanan

Themes...many cringe atrepparttar mere word, being taken back to a time of term papers and book reports, however, inrepparttar 128059 field of search engine optimization and search engine positioning, "themes" are beginning to play a CRUCIAL role inrepparttar 128060 long term success of online businesses.

So what exactly are "themes" and why are they becoming so important?

To understand this we have to look at whyrepparttar 128061 search engines implemented this new indexing technique.

Withrepparttar 128062 incredible growth ofrepparttar 128063 web,repparttar 128064 search engines are constantly look for new and better ways to serve up relevant results while still maintaining a manageable database.

They have implemented filters to get rid of duplicate content and invisible text. They have reducedrepparttar 128065 importance or stopped indexing META tags completely as well as many other tags, and still they have been falling behind.

They have begun counting click-thru's, added link popularity and link quality to their ranking algorithms and much more and still find themselves falling behind.

This has led torepparttar 128066 new concept of "themes".

Theme indexing takes into account most of what I previously mentioned, but instead of looking at each page as an individual entity, it takesrepparttar 128067 "theme" ofrepparttar 128068 entire site into account.

An engine that incorporates "themes" into its ranking system, looks atrepparttar 128069 content as well as theme ofrepparttar 128070 page,repparttar 128071 overall theme ofrepparttar 128072 site,repparttar 128073 link popularity ofrepparttar 128074 site, as well as what other sites are "saying" about that particular site. All these factors put together determinerepparttar 128075 "theme" ofrepparttar 128076 site and page and therebyrepparttar 128077 ranking ofrepparttar 128078 page in question. The narrower and more focusedrepparttar 128079 theme of a site,repparttar 128080 betterrepparttar 128081 site will rank in regards to a matching search term.

Now trust me, this is an extremely simplified description of themes but my goal here is not to go intorepparttar 128082 technology behind it but it's impact on search engine optimization and positioning in general.

More and more search engines are incorporatingrepparttar 128083 use of themes to at least some extent into their ranking systems, and because of this, it is crucial that any webmaster who wants to continue to succeed onrepparttar 128084 internet understand themes and how to use them to his or her advantage.

Now that we understand a bit about themes,repparttar 128085 question becomes how does it affect you and your web site.

Quite simply, it means that we have to reevaluaterepparttar 128086 way in which we design our sites. The days ofrepparttar 128087 all-purpose site are quickly coming to an end.

Think about it. If you offer a wide range of different products and/or services, when a theme indexing engine visits your site, what will it determine to berepparttar 128088 overall theme of your site?

If a visiting engine can't determine a specific theme for your site you will have little or no hope of coming up well forrepparttar 128089 search terms you are shooting for.

To thrive in this new world of search engine technology, you must be able to describerepparttar 128090 content or "theme" of your site in two words and three atrepparttar 128091 VERY most.

Use keywords and meta tags to get the click!

Written by Steve Nash

Now everyone knows that you need to choose keywords and meta tags to make your site search-engine-friendly (don't they?). And pages should be 'optimised' BEFORE you submit them torepparttar search engines.

Optimising your site forrepparttar 128058 search engines is really not that difficult, but it is important: no-one visits your site if they can't find it onrepparttar 128059 first few pages of a search engine.

A good way of 'getting found' is to choose high-demand low- supply keywords (like "free nokia ringtones"), and to create pages optimised for those keywords. (Obviously, you need to find keywords relevant to your website.) The basic guidelines, below, show you how to optimise your pages - how to make sure your site getsrepparttar 128060 click - but how do you find these profitable high- demand low-supply keywords inrepparttar 128061 first place?


Wordtracker is a free tool that allows you to brainstorm keywords and determine which of those keywords (if any) have little competition onrepparttar 128062 net (which are most 'profitable'). You simply add suitable keywords to a basket, and their profitability is determined using AltaVista asrepparttar 128063 search engine (the paid-for tool determines profitability using all of repparttar 128064 major search engines).

Wordtracker is a powerful tool endorsed and used by many so- called search engine experts. You should use it too, to improve your chances of gettingrepparttar 128065 click.

Wordtracker -


Many ofrepparttar 128066 major search engines behave differently to each other when it comes to choosingrepparttar 128067 best pages. Worse than this, though, is that some use meta tags and some ignore them completely, preferring only to rely on page content (with weighting given to words atrepparttar 128068 top ofrepparttar 128069 page). Even worse still,repparttar 128070 search engines constantly change their ranking rules (algorithms).

So understand that these are only basic guidelines. However, they should help your web pages rank better withrepparttar 128071 search engines, *over time*:

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