Written by Patrick Quinn


A correspondent to AdBriefing, my monthly newsletter, has posed a very sticky question. How, she asks, can you tell whether a headline you have written is a good one…or not? What she means by this, I imagine, is whetherrepparttar headline will actually help to make sales, rather than just act as a passing amusement to its readers.

The latter precept, that a headline should actually try to sell something, is not as universally known as it might be. The vast proportion of headlines actually say nothing whatsoever aboutrepparttar 108057 product andrepparttar 108058 benefits of owning it. Andrepparttar 108059 reason for this is that good, selling headlines are not easy to write. Sorepparttar 108060 majority of so-called copywriters takerepparttar 108061 easy route and produce something which they think is humorous or eye-catching and hope that this will dorepparttar 108062 job. That it won’t and doesn’t can be witnessed day in and day out in press ads, brochures and websites worldwide. But I digress.

There is sadly no absolute test that a headline will dorepparttar 108063 job it is paid to do. If there were, we benighted copywriters would be earning ten times what we are earning now, onrepparttar 108064 grounds that our work would be foolproof. Every headline we conceived would be irresistible; and products would move off shelves like Spring snow off a dyke.

But there is a test – a very good and worthwhile test – that you can apply to any headline you create. I call itrepparttar 108065 ‘So What?’ test.

Allow me to give you an example of ‘So What?’ in action. If you produce a headline that says: Our Widget works twice as fast as any other Widget, and then ask yourself ‘So What?’, it immediately becomes clear thatrepparttar 108066 line is bereft of a sales proposition. Because there is no obvious benefit torepparttar 108067 potential customer.

Ways To Improve Your Ad Copy

Written by Robert Kleine

1. You could decrease or increaserepparttar length of your ad copy. There is no rule on how long your ad copy should be unless space is a consideration. The ad should be long enough to sell your product.

2. You could add some sub headlines on your ad copy. Sub headlines act just like headlines; they grabrepparttar 108056 readers attention. They'll keeprepparttar 108057 readers interested as they continue to read your ad.

3. You could ask your reader questions through outrepparttar 108058 ad copy. They will answerrepparttar 108059 questions in their own head as they read your ad copy. The questions you ask should persuaderepparttar 108060 reader into buying.

4. You could highlight keywords through out your ad copy. The keywords should be attractive to your target audience. You could highlight them with color, underlines, italics, etc.

5. You could bullet or indent your benefits on your ad copy. Must people won't read a whole ad copy, so make your products benefits standout and you won't loserepparttar 108061 sales from allrepparttar 108062 skimmers.

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