Written by Gab Thom

You are not an hardcore person in playing video Games and if you want to knowrepparttar facts which I set hereunder, there are many attraction in playing video which I may share an idea to those wish to play video games: 1.Two giant video games company, that is ATARI and SEGA having its own unique historical. Why unique? Because ATARI is a company formed in United States Of America but was only using its Japan name, while SEGA means Service Games a company formed in Japan as its Headquarters. Was founded in 1954 by David Rossen an American National. This man is an Ex- army who fought during Korean war. Names of those wellknown person who founded SEGA after Rossen is OKAWA and HIDEKI SATO. 2.Many Japanese language were used in video Games Industry. Three Japanese langguage very popular that is ATARI were taken from Japan Go Games which hasrepparttar 146405 same meaning as “check” ( Syamat ) in playing chess. Nintendo is another video games giant company “Good Luck” which they belief will bring them to heaven. KATANA is a console Video Games produced by SEGA in 1998 which has it meaning “Sword”. 3.Nobody expert that sonyrepparttar 146406 first to produce Radio Transistor which is now a video Games manufacturer number one. In 2002 Sony dominatedrepparttar 146407 world market in video games followed Nintendo and Microsoft. It started in 1995 from their first product named playstation. About three billion video games were sold through outrepparttar 146408 world. 4.Not onlyrepparttar 146409 songs were listed as Evergreen, Playing video games is not excluded. Two video player has it “Evergreen” where people playing without limitation of time that is PACMAN and Tetris. PACMAN were produced by Namco in 1980 having its verses as M/S PACMAN only to be played in House. SUPER PACMAN were targeted in Japanese Market and PACMAN PLUS (New Verses) using Coca Cola Tin as a new bonus replacingrepparttar 146410 Original bonus using fruits. Tetris were introduced in 1989 when it was sold out by Nintendo through it product called Game Boy. Very unique, Tetris invented by Rusia and atrepparttar 146411 same time dominated byrepparttar 146412 United States Of America and Japan. Both Games were very popular without considering its status, ages and peoples in General. 5.Sega is always in frontline in manufacturing Video Games though it has failed to promote its marketing. As an example, SEGA has first introduced inrepparttar 146413 world playing video by using technology 16-bit, which is known as Genesis in 1989 that were failed to overcomerepparttar 146414 market when Nintendo introduced SUPER NES PACKAGE (Nintendo Entertaintment System) onrepparttar 146415 same year. In 1995 SEGA once again in frontline when its invented video player by using technology 32-bit SATURN but was later being “Cut Off” by Sony when its Playstation product were introduced inrepparttar 146416 market onrepparttar 146417 same year.


Written by Gab Thom

The United States Of America citizen feels that games is a part of their life while developed countries such asrepparttar United Kingdom and Japan would feels that Games is high prospects to gain profit either in domestic level or internationally. Games is very influence in human life at this time. Games means in reference to computer, Console video such as playstation, PDA and also Telephone Hand-sets. ISDA ( Interactive Digital Software Associations ) has made analysis about two years ago and found that games became life tradition ofrepparttar 146404 United States people be it individual or other places such as home, hotel, inrepparttar 146405 aircraft, when playing internet, by EXPO also known as E3 collecting big producer to develop games all overrepparttar 146406 world. Many producer and games developer is centered in United States a part from Japan. using PDA and Telephone Hand-sets. The United States people always follow-uprepparttar 146407 games development, for example through EXPO games such as Electronic Entertainment There are many factor found by IDSA from their analysis as follows: a)About 10 to 11 hours per-family playing games. b)Games always ONLINE with Internet inrepparttar 146408 United states c)Respondents claimed that games is very good and satisfactorily entertaintment rather than watching television and cinema. d)PC is more useful to play games while it applies email falls to number two. e)Genre games is more acceptable either Console or PC games is more actions and sports.

Japan or popularity known as Nation ofrepparttar 146409 raising sun producing number of games equipments. Like Sony is a great name in entertaintment especially in games. Likewiserepparttar 146410 character inrepparttar 146411 games became more interesting and its cartoon such as POKEMON became more popular. The fast development in wireless technology such as I-mode became games one of entertaintment very popular. Individual is free in playing game although through Telephone hand-sets which is 3 inches in size.

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