TEN LESSONS FROM A SURVIVOR! (My First Year As A Network Marketer)

Written by Lee Wise

TEN LESSONS FROM A SURVIVOR! My First Year As A Network Marketer (ŠLee Wise 2002)

I'm not on television. You won't find me on an island voting someone else off. I don't even want to be there!

But I am a survivor ... of sorts.

I have survived my first year inrepparttar network marketing business. I've lived to tellrepparttar 122580 story and I still enjoy it! I'm either nuts, persistent ... or both!!

You can decide which ofrepparttar 122581 above I am! Either way, here are some ofrepparttar 122582 lessons I have learned during this year's journey.


Two Big Areas

One: consistent prospecting. Two: consistent follow-up.

Need I say more?


The Learning Curve Is Real.

You MUST payrepparttar 122583 price of time and effort to learn.

You're sunk if you don't! Time. It Takes Time!

It just takes time to learn about marketing, emails, autoresponders, advertising, prospecting, follow-up,repparttar 122584 product, how to respond to questions, ways to influence your downline, ideas for helping others, etc.


"Danger Ahead!" The danger is too much time inrepparttar 122585 wrong places. Spreading yourself too thin. Not focusing. That'srepparttar 122586 danger.

"More Danger Ahead!" I think there is another danger: sitting and doing nothing. Just getting acquainted withrepparttar 122587 industry takes time. I said it above, and I'll say it again: you have to payrepparttar 122588 price of time!

The "Discipline of Self-Improvement." By way of example ...

You may reviewrepparttar 122589 newsletters of successful network marketers to see how they communicate and format their ezines. (So many spaces for each line for instance! Getrepparttar 122590 idea?) The "Discipline of Gathering Good Ideas." This isrepparttar 122591 other side ofrepparttar 122592 coin which I mentioned above.

Ideas come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe it's an idea for an ad, a way to phrase something, how to respond to a potential prospect, or just an idea to keep yourself motivated!

It doesn't matter. You need them! So get 'em, file 'em, and use 'em!


Why Am I Here?

Your motivations regarding why you want this business to succeed. The "reasons" that drive you.

I have had to review them many times this past year! What's one ofrepparttar 122593 main ones for me? "Making it" during retirement. I'm 56. Now *This* Is Me!

I like to help. So what do I find myself doing? Right. Looking for ways to help both myself and my downline.

I like "hands on" stuff. You guessed it: I try to think of specific steps of action that could, or should, be taken in any number of things related to my business. I enjoy creating. I saw a motivational mailing and said to myself, "I can do that!" So I sat down and created my own. "A Moment In Time." You want it? Just write me, and I'll send it! **THE VALUE OF ASKING FOR HELP

SOMETIMES LIFE IS JUST "TIRED!" (Making It During The Blahs)

Written by Lee Wise

SOMETIMES LIFE IS JUST "TIRED!" (Making It During The Blahs) (ŠLee Wise 2002)

How do you spell "Life?"

Answer: Dry Corn Flakes.

Sometimes life is like that, isn't it? Not that it is terrible or even terrific.

It's just goin' -- and that'srepparttar point!

I really don't know what you call these times. Maybe you could call them "dry cereal days."

True confession: I'm not an expert in getting through these "in between" days. But like you, I try to make it!

Here are some things we can try together!


Glasses? Did you say, "Glasses?" Sure. But I don't meanrepparttar 122579 glasses *outside* of your head. I meanrepparttar 122580 glasses *inside* your head.

My wife has said so many times, "This too shall pass!" And most ofrepparttar 122581 time it is true.

For most of usrepparttar 122582 "dry times" will pass. They won't last forever. And seeing that can help. Justrepparttar 122583 simple realization ... or even affirmation ... that "This too shall pass!" can help us take one more step inrepparttar 122584 right direction.

Perspective. So much of life involves perspective. Having this perspective during these times can help.

But it also helps to ...


During dry times I tend not to produce as much as I would like to -- or even what I am capable of. My guess is you don't either.

I think we have two choices during this "phase." We can become frustrated. That's one choice.

Or, we can "adjust and accept." It is almost like giving myself permission to not be king ofrepparttar 122585 hill for a bit! I say: "Lee, it is okay to run slower and not quite as well for a while! It really is okay. You are not hurting anyone or your job. You're just not flyin' high atrepparttar 122586 moment."

Andrepparttar 122587 key word here is ... "accept." You decide to accept this forrepparttar 122588 moment. Not forever. But forrepparttar 122589 moment.


I also try to create diversions. Let me give you an example. If this dry cereal experience is taking place at work, I try to create within my job structure things I like to do.

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