TEN High Readership Content Ideas To Get Visitors Coming Back

Written by Ahmad Supaat

How many times have you heard that "Content is King"?. You need fresh, useful content to have visitors coming back and staying longer at your website.

Here are TEN high readership content ideas:

#1. How To Articles:Include detailed step by step instructions, with links to useful resources. Examples: How to write articles, publish your e-zine, how to promote your business, how to attract visitors to your web site.

#2. Tips: Usually small useful pieces of information aboutrepparttar size of a paragraph. Examples: tips on using a software product, tips on blogging.

#3. Top Lists: These are a group of tips listed in order, usually numbered from first to last. Examples: top 10 ways to get to more targeted visitors, top 7 ways to build your list.

#4. News Articles: You can include news about your industry or company information. Examples: new product releases, upcoming special events like seminars, joint ventures.

#5. Interview Articles: These could include interviews from customers, your ezine subscribers and experts and adds a "human element" to your website. Examples: You could interview an expert related to your industry, a satisfied customer, or even people profiles.

Traffic Tips To Get People To Your Website

Written by Jean Sutherland

Let's talk traffic and how to get it. Your website has at most, 10 seconds to grabrepparttar attention of your visitor, so you need to have something "interest grabbing" aboverepparttar 131604 fold. That's a newspaper term for what people see when looking atrepparttar 131605 top part of a paper. With more than 50 million websites out there, your viewers will demand topic specific information that will make them bookmark you, recommend you to their friends, and make them return over and over.

An easy subscribe method on your site is a must. If must have an easy way for people to subscribe or you are literally throwing away customers; something you can't afford to do in these competitive times.

Building a list is one ofrepparttar 131606 single most important things you can do to survive and stay alive in business. One ofrepparttar 131607 easiest ways to build a list is to offer something free to all subscribers. Offer value and people will stay with you for a very long time. If you don't have a large list of your own, then barter or buy advertising with someone who does have a large list withrepparttar 131608 same target market audience as you.

Take your list, no matter how big or how small and ask your subscribers to refer 2 people to your site. Offer them something of value for helping you. Explain to them that you are trying to build your list so you can improve your site so that it will be more beneficial to them. We are all just ordinary people out there and many of us are happy to help others. Make sure there is a link on your site for people to forward your site to others with one click. Think, how many times has a friend sent you a site to look at. We all do it.

Don't forget to always include your website atrepparttar 131609 bottom of every email you send. Make sure you use it in a sig file at any webboard you join. Same for newsgroups. Consider sending funny pictures out to friends and relatives with your sig file inrepparttar 131610 email. As they forward your email to others and they refer to others it will explode. Make sure you have a very effective sig file. This allows you to keep building and building.

One ofrepparttar 131611 most important things you can do with your website is to make sure any link that goes away from your site is set to open in a new window. This way your visitors do not leave your site and don't have to try and find a way back once they have finished atrepparttar 131612 other site. Your site must be as user friendly as possible.

Getting your website link on other websites. Links to your site will affect your search engine rankings. The higher your rankingrepparttar 131613 more visitors. It's that simple. But not just any link will do. You need quality links that also relate to your business. Avoid link farms. Search engines will view your site negatively if you are in link farms or god forbid, webrings. Don't link with just anyone. Go for quality. A free site that will help you to get and exchange quality links is Ken Evoy's SiteSell. Free is good and they make it very easy for you. It one reason I return to their site over and over. Have a look http://value-exchange.sitesell.com Consider exchanging banners with these sites. It a benefit for both of you.

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