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Lots of people will tell you that you either don't need a domain name or allrepparttar 143313 good ones are already taken. I don't agree, I find (and register) good domain names on your regular basis, and I think they're more than worthrepparttar 143314 money (you can register domains for less than $20 per year).


If you don't have a domain name for your web site, you'll have a long URL, something like http://members.yourisp.com/~yourcompany or perhaps http://yourcompany.yourisp.com/

Now that doesn't look good on a business card! What's more, your customers and prospects probably won't be able to remember it.

Onrepparttar 143315 other hand, if you get your own domain name, you'll have an easy to remember URL, that looks professional and is easy for folks to remember.


When you haverepparttar 143316 type of long URLs I referred to in point 1, your URL is tied to your web host or ISP. What happens if you change hosting company? What happens if your hosting company goes out of business (it happens)? Answer: Your URL changes, which means you may have to reprint your stationary and any promotion efforts that you've already done and most likely wasted.

Onrepparttar 143317 other hand, if you get your own domain name, you can take it with you (and make it point to your new web host), if you change hosting companies.

Domain Name - How To Pick One

Written by Halstatt Pires

Picking a domain name should be easy, right? Why, I’ll just use my business name. Not so fast, Sparky. A good bit of thought should be given to selecting a domain name.

A Cautionary Note

Picking a domain name is like getting married. You are going to have to stick with it tillrepparttar bitter end. Peoplerepparttar 140964 use your site will come to know it byrepparttar 140965 domain name. Repeat visitors will often simply type inrepparttar 140966 domain name to get torepparttar 140967 site, better known as “type in traffic”. As an example, do you search for “Amazon” when you want to buy a book or do simply type in amazon.com? If Amazon were to change its domain name to Desert, there would be a lot of confusion. The same goes with your domain. Once you pick something, stick with it.

Your Choices

Well,repparttar 140968 obvious choice is your business name, but it may not berepparttar 140969 best. There are four significant issues to consider.

First, is there something about your business name that makes using it as a domain an unwise choice? This situation typically arises if you have a long business name or have plural words. “Halstatt’s Rip’n Marketing Campaigns, Inc.” is going to be a horrible domain name. Clients are going to find it difficult to type in such a domain name.

Double letter problems are a second issue that is entirely unique torepparttar 140970 Internet. What if Sams Salon wants to use its business name as a domain? The “s” atrepparttar 140971 end of first word and beginning ofrepparttar 140972 second can cause confusion. Isrepparttar 140973 domain name Samssalon.com or Samsalon.com? Confusing your users is a bad way to run a site.

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