Written by Walt Goodridge

Tired of working for someone else? Looking to find a business idea that really excites you? Or are you already in business but find it's beginning to feel just like a job? Well, you may want to think about looking someplace other thanrepparttar opportunities section of your favorite magazine for business ideas. The next million dollar idea might be hiding in a most unlikely place: your own heart. A recent survey found that entrepreneurs are increasingly starting businesses in search of personal fulfillment and there's no better place to find it than inrepparttar 117861 things that you love to do. Whether you're looking to launch your business online or just aroundrepparttar 117862 corner, discovering what really moves you, is a key part of success. Here then, are a few tips and suggestions that just might help you turn your hobby, talent, skill or passionate interest into a thriving business that might free you from having to work for anybody else ever again and give your life a meaning you never thought a business venture could!

[The following is an excerpt from Turn Your Passion Into Profit: Information, Inspiration and Ideas to Help You Make Money Doing What You Love]

This book is for anyone who has ever dreamed of being free and in control of their own life, to go to a movie inrepparttar 117863 middle of a weekday, play golf on a Tuesday, pickrepparttar 117864 kids up for lunch, or just see what it's like to make decisions about how they spend their days without anyone's input. It's for anyone who feels enslaved byrepparttar 117865 situation ninety-five percent of society finds itself in working for someone else. It's for anyone who has ever thought that it was unnatural and demeaning to be forced into confinement for 8 or more hours every day, told when to eat, how to dress and how to speak. It's for anyone who wants to break free from such a life-style of servitude in order to start doing something that really inspires and fulfills them. It's for people who are searching for their life's passion. This book is also forrepparttar 117866 individual who may already be an entrepreneur, and who may have found profit, but not passion. This book is forrepparttar 117867 person who wants to make more money, or at least have no limits onrepparttar 117868 amount he can make. It's forrepparttar 117869 champion who is tired of playing a mediocre game just for security, benefits and someone else's idea of "a lot of money." It's forrepparttar 117870 person who wants to create success on his own terms. This book is forrepparttar 117871 person who feels mentally unchallenged by what she does day after day and wants to experience a bigger world of bigger people, bigger places, and bigger ideas. This book is for people who have started to ask questions. It's for people who may have spent many years building someone else's dreams and have started to wonder if that's all they were put here to do. It's for people who are feelingrepparttar 117872 need to do more, be more, experience more and leave a lasting legacy that's theirs and theirs alone. They want to make their lives monuments to something other than a paycheck, to something other than a profitable third quarter on someone else's year-end statement. They want to make a difference inrepparttar 117873 world and have therefore, started to ask themselves "What am I building? What am I really doing here? Is this all there is?"

Your L.I.F.E. P.A.S.S.I.O.N.

The thing that is your passion and which will eventually find expression as your passion business and provide you withrepparttar 117874 satisfaction you seek, will be what I call your LIFE PASSION. Life Passion doesn't mean that this is what you'll spendrepparttar 117875 rest of your life doing. It simply means that it is one of many passions that has significance in your life. It is "A" life passion not "THE" life's passion. L.I.F.E. P.A.S.S.I.O.N. is an acronym you can use to remind yourself ofrepparttar 117876 qualities of your passion.

L-love Your passion will be something you love to do. I-interest Your passion is usually something that interests you. F-fulfilling Your passion gives you a sense of fulfillment. E-empowering Your passion usually empowers and energizes you.

P-personal Your passion has personal significance to you and you alone. A-abilities Your passion capitalizes on your assets, attributes and abilities. S- service Your passion will usually provide a service or fulfill a need of some kind for others. S-spiritual Your passion andrepparttar 117877 pursuit of it represents some aspect of

your spiritual growth that you are here to experience. I-inspiring Your passion is inspiring to you and therefore will inspire others too. O-obvious Your passion, once found, is usually something obvious to you. N-natural Your passion is often unstudied; and comes naturally to you.


There will be many ideas that come to you. What you will find as you grow is thatrepparttar 117878 most intimidating part of listening for ideas is notrepparttar 117879 fear that you won't find one, but that there are so many that you won't know which one to pursue. So all that's left is to offer you a few filters through which to hearrepparttar 117880 ideas that come to you. So here are a few tips on how to assess them.

Your Online Business - Keys To Success

Written by Todd W. Winslow

Whether you have an existing online business or you're just inrepparttar planning stage, there are a few key points to consider for your ultimate success.


All too often, people tend to run before they learn to crawl. No, I'm not going to start talking about how to potty train your toddler. My point is simply this, without good planning and research prior to launching your business,repparttar 117860 likelihood of your business failing withinrepparttar 117861 first year is exceedingly high. (Don't despair if you've already jumpedrepparttar 117862 gun, there's time to formulate a good business plan now - better late than never!)

Start by making a detailed business plan. You can get free templates and assistance from a multitude of online sources. A good business plan will help give your business focus, and may well bring to light issues and potential problems that you hadn't previously thought of. This will also help you to form a plan of action. This step is critical in fully developing your business idea, and will make launching your business much easier. If you've foreseen and corrected mistakes before they could actually occur, you'll save time, money and reduce your stress considerably. Once your business is up and running, don't forget to revisit your business plan from time to time. This will help keep you focused alongrepparttar 117863 way and is a good measure of your success.

Marketing and Promotion:

A good marketing and promotion strategy should be made part of your initial planning phase. However, this will be changed and fine tuned many times over repparttar 117864 life of your business. If you're new to marketing online, and even if you're not, I can't emphasize strongly enoughrepparttar 117865 importance of education. Think of it like this, you wouldn't wake up one day and decide to start preforming brain surgery, now would you? I'm not saying online marketing is comparable to brain surgery, but I think you get my point. Purchasing a good Internet marketing course will pay big dividends inrepparttar 117866 future. The old "learn as you go," mentality, just doesn't make good business sense. Without at least a cursory education in Internet marketing, you will, without question, fall victim to at least a few scams and worthless programs. These set-backs will cost you time, money and much frustration. I would encourage anyone attempting to do business onrepparttar 117867 web to invest a little money very early on in a little education.

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